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New Year’s Eve Party For Kids

New Year’s Eve Party For Kids

Watching the sky filled with fireworks, the noise of the fireworks cracking and count down to the very last second, New Year is an occasion celebrated throughout the world with great enthusiasm. People gather around famous places within their city to become a part of grand celebrations, telecasted throughout the world and yet again, become a part of that very historic moment.

Where some people love to go out on New Year’s Eve, others with tiny, naughty toddlers opt to stay indoors and play safe. So, if this year too you wish to keep the door closed and enjoy the time with family, here are idea New Year’s Eve Party for kids, that will make them jump up with joy:

  1. Flip over the cups

This game is easy to play and super fun. Gather a few paper cups, place them one on top of another one, forming a tall structure. Give out ping pong balls to the kids and ask them to aim until all the cups fall down. A game that is entertaining and completely safe to play!

This New Year’s Eve version is surely fun, but most preschools in Dubai make sure to involve kids in similar activities as it improves motor functioning and enhances brain and body coordination. Definitely a great way to improve kid’s functionality!

  1. Making A Wishing Wand

New Year’s Eve is a time when most people write down their wishes, their resolutions for the coming year! This gives them a hope, motivates them to keep going until they have achieved what they wanted to.

Get hold of a few art and craft supplies like glitter paper, some scissors, markers, glue, and sticks. Show the kids how to cut out stars and ask them to decorate their wishing wand the way they like. Get creative this New Year’s Eve with the kids!

Best nurseries in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery encourage kids to indulge in art activities which help them enhance their creative skills!

  1. New Year Sparkly Slime

Getting a little messy around the time of New Year’s won’t hurt, right? Time to gather all the supplies and the children of course to make your very own, special batch of New Year Slime.

It is super easy to make and kids can make their own versions of it with whatever supplies are available! Once done, the children may play with it until the final count begins and the clock hits 12!

  1. Crush the Cups

All you need are a few cups, straws and some tape to draw the lines. Start the tape on the tape, dividing it into two equal parts. Make goals on each side and place the cup on the center line. Have a one player stand on each side with straws in their mouth and blow the cup towards the opponent’s side to make a goal. Whoever shots a goal can happily crush the cups!

Being listed amongst the best nursery in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery aims at activity based learning which produces better outcomes. This is why, this preschool has been labeled as the best nursery schools in Dubai, with a curriculum that is modern and interactive, helping children reach their maximum potential and produce great results.

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