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Mosaic Dubai Nursery School Facilities

Mosaic Dubai Nursery School Facilities

First Step Towards a Promising Future

As a parent, one of the most important decisions you make is about your child’s future education. When making this decision, it is important to weight several different factors, including the facilities offered by the schools of your choice. When looking for the best nurseries in Dubai, you should pay extra attention to the facilities your little ones will be using to make sure they are safe, sturdy, and durable. The number of children using these facilities should also say a lot about their quality. As part of its commitment to providing the best for your kids, Mosaic Nursery has been established on a child-centric model. A number of facilities designed and equipped especially for kids are available for students is what makes Mosaic Dubai Nursery School Facilities the best in town.

Facilities Ensuring A Secure Environment

Special Classrooms

Students at Mosaic Nursery can enjoy the following facilities:

  • A Child-Centered Campus:

Mosaic Dubai Nursery School Facilities have been built around the needs and requirements of its students. Every corner you turn will take you down brightly painted corridors decorated with students’ drawings and paintings. Our classrooms each have their individual bright and cheery color theme to invigorate young minds.

  • Special Classrooms:

Classrooms at Mosaic Nursery are designed to keep little ones entertained and occupied for the duration of their stay. Classes are divided by color into different age groups, such as:

  • “Pink” class for children up to two years of age
  • “Yellow” class for children from two years to twenty-eight months of age
  • “Red” class for kids from twenty-eight months to thirty-two months of age
  • “Purple” class for kids between the ages of thirty-two months and three years
  • “Green” class for kids aged between three and four years
  • “Blue” class for kids between the ages of three and four

These divisions help the children distinguish between their respective classes and find their way through with ease making Mosaic Dubai Nursery School Facilities worth appreciation.

  • Classroom Furniture and Dedicated Spaces:

The Mosaic Nursery has equipped classrooms with high quality furniture that is completely child safe. Moreover, each classroom has dedicated interest areas where kids can draw, paint, read, and partake in other educational activities. This allows each student to learn according to his or her own interests.

  • Indoor Gym:

Safely tucked away from the sweltering desert heat is Mosaic Nursery’s indoor gym which is specially designed for child safe playing fixtures like slides are fitted atop synthetic grass floor etc. The indoor gym allows your little ones to burn off some energy and improve their physical coordination and motor skills without having to worry too much about the temperature or outdoor environment.

  • On-Site Clinic:

Your children’s health and hygiene is a top priority for the staff at Mosaic Nursery. A fully equipped clinic with necessary first aid equipment is manned by our trained on staff nurse. Children can receive first aid if needed, and even get regular checkups for health advice and education when required. As one of the top nurseries in Dubai, Mosaic Dubai Nursery School Facilities are the biggest reason that this place stands out with its dedication to its students, parents, and the community at large. The unique facilities offered here at campus offer an insight into the level of dedication and care that carries across in every student’s education.

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