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Math With Fun – Amazing Hand-on Math Activities For Toddlers

Math with Fun – Amazing Hand-on Math Activities for Toddlers

Do you think toddlers are too young to learn rigorous subjects like Math? Not really! Here are some amazing hands-on math activities that are completely tactile and conceptual. Math doesn’t mean you need to solve a lot of worksheets but there are a lot’s of day to day activities that involve math. So here is all you need to know how to teach math through fun and hands-on activities to the preschoolers.

There are several Nursery schools in Dubai but you need to select the best one that makes learning fun-filled for your little bundle of joy. This is the perfect age to build an interest in Math, therefore, it is the responsibility of a teacher to unlock the magical world of numbers as it has a life-long impact. If you are looking for a high-quality Nursery in Dubai, then visit Mosaic best Nursery in JLT as they have professionally trained teachers.

  1. Pom-Pom Pattern Activity:

Patterns are essential math skills that your child needs to know later in his life so don’t think it’s too early for a toddler to learn a difficult concept like Pattern. You won’t believe but with this Pom Pom activity, you would notice how quickly the kids grasp this essential concept of math.

To create this activity, you need a paper and two different colored pom-poms. Draw a series of circles; fill one circle with red color and the other one with blue. (You can fill the circle with the color your child is familiar with). Follow the series, one red then one blue, again one red then one blue, leave one colored circle like (red) and let’s see if the child fills the circle with the correct color of pom pom.

In case the child feels it difficult, help him understand the pattern and motivate him. Change the pattern series once the child does it correctly.

  1. Clothespin for counting numbers:

To teach counting and improve recognition of numbers, this activity is amazing. All you need to do is to simply write numbers in big font on a card sheet. Cut the numbers and put it in a tray and put clothespin in a separate bowl. The kid has to recognize the number and attach the correct number of the clothespin to the number.

This activity also improves fine motor skills of kids.

  1. Learn shapes through Noodles:

The most important concern of mothers is that the kids usually take everything straight in their mouth. So in order to make learning safer, you can use cooked noodles to teach shapes to the tots. Draw a large shape on a card sheet and give noodles to the kids to put it exactly like the shape. Hence you don’t need paper and pencil to trace shapes anymore. This is a neat sensory activity for the kids. To make it more interesting, add different food colors in the noodles.

  1. Order the balloons:

Blow the balloons and write numbers on it. Ask the kids to arrange the balloons in order.

  1. Measurement with rice:

Take three beakers of different sizes. Ask the kids to fill all three beakers. Through this simple activity, the kids learn fine motor skills, they can also arrange the three beakers from biggest to smallest and then you can teach them the concept of full, half and empty with the same activity.

Hope you enjoyed these fun and amazing hands-on math activities and would practice these with your toddlers at home.

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