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Math Skills For Preschoolers: 4 Ways To Set The Stage For Success

Math Skills for Preschoolers: 4 Ways to Set the Stage for Success

Preschool Math Concepts

Math is for the genius, is one common notion believed by all. If you’re not good at it, then you’ll probably succeed in life because people like Einstein or Stephen Hawks knew their number too well.

But not everyone is born with a mind that could calculate! So what? By getting your kids in one of the best preschools in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery, you can make them a math master!

  • The Trick to Calculation

Some kids find it interesting while others find it utterly boring. Why? Because they find numbers and calculations difficult to understand and do! But if you know the right tips and tricks, math surely becomes all fun and easy.

At Mosaic Nursery, one of the best preschools in Dubai aims at making education fun for the kids. Not just history or English, but the teachers in this nursery in Dubai try their best to teach quick tricks to kids that make math easy for them too.

  • Why is important to teach math?

As a preschool facilitator, you might indeed know the importance of instigating the right skills. Whatever the children learn in their early years helps build a base for later. Thus, the stronger the base, the stronger will the building on it will be.

Today, if you kids have a good grasp on the basic counting of math, know that they will easily cater to the complex equations in the future, which will surely help strengthen their cognitive skills.

  • The 4 ways to set the stage for success

Most Dubai preschools, including Mosaic Nursery, now pay special attention to math, teaching kids tricks that help them understand the basic concepts easily. Hence, here are 4 ways to set the stage for success for little minds:

✦ Number recognition

To start off, Mosaic nursery being rated amongst the best nurseries in Dubai makes sure to make learning time fun. What you need to understand is that to improve cognitive skills, your kids should be quick at recognizing the number. How can you do it? By playing number games which include hopscotch or dice games.

✦ Make math “real”

Children learn more from visualization and observation. So to ensure they learn the concepts of math quickly, make it “real” for them. Set up number blocks or puzzles, place a basket full of fruits in front of them, and ask them to count. Try out such activities that will improve their recognition skills.

✦ Comparing concepts

To introduce the concept of shapes or big and small, you can easily use shape sorter or simply compare the height of you and the kid. Make the concepts as real as you can because only this way, will the kids learn more quickly.

  1. Recognizing colors and patterns

For this, you can conveniently use household items! Pick up fruit; ask the kid its name, shape, and color. Sounds easy right? Remember, the idea is to use things around to make math “real” and “fun”.

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