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Learning Through Play

Learning Through Play

According to new research, play time offers more than entertainment to the young mind. Studies show that kids aged three years complete 80% of their brain development through play. So, its fair to say that the more you play, the more intelligent you become. Whilst the definition of play can be subjective, it is still imperative for the intellectual, social, and emotional development of children especially in the early years of one’s life. That’s why the leading preschools in Dubai, like Mosaic Nursery in JLT, have incorporated playtime as one of the integral parts of their curriculum.

Learning Through Playschool

Experts at Mosaic Nursery, having years of experience in the field of early childhood education, gathered to shed some light on the importance of play. Here is all you need to know about learning through play.

What types of play are more beneficial to a child’s development?

What types of play are more beneficial to a child’s development?

Children explore the world through their relationships with parents and teachers. The right guidance can help your child reach their maximum potential. So as a person in charge, you should introduce activities that fuel curiosity, creativity and imagination.

Allows kids to experiment with drawing, music and building things. Teachers in British preschools often encourage kids to do arts and crafts and play with building blocks.  This is called constructive play which helps kids develop their movement skills and become less clumsy. In addition, creative activities are also an effective mental exercise. Children at the ages of 2-4 years have an amazing imagination. Find a space for them to play imaginatively and with their peers.

There are some activities that affect more than others which is why you may see the best playschools in Dubai focus on physical, dramatic, sensory, nature, music and art, and age-appropriate play. Mosaic Nursery is among the finest playschools in Dubai, which encourage learning through play. We facilitate meaningful learning opportunities to develop the cognitive, emotional, and motor skills of children. The result can be clearly seen through the class participation and improved concentration of your child.

What opportunities does the best Dubai nurseries offer?

What opportunities does the best Dubai nurseries offer

In our efforts to become one of the best nurseries in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery is provided finest resources and support to promote learning through play. We offer expansive garden & outdoor space to let your child have the best preschool experience.  Moreover, the classroom environment is so much fun that kids never get bored.

Mosaic Nursery in JLT, situated in the heart of Dubai,  has a well-designed curriculum consisting of activities and merriments that make learning fun and easy. We have a qualified and experienced team of teachers who aim towards developing cognitive, language, and physical aspects of a child’s personality. Come join us and let your child be a part of the best playschool in Dubai.

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