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Kindergarten Christmas Activities For Kids

Kindergarten Christmas Activities for Kids

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the!

Christmas is that time of the year when people come together in the spirit of helping those in need, making others happy and celebrating as one family. From singing jingles to setting up the Christmas trees, this day of the year promises joy and love around the world!

And yes, how can one forget the Santa Clause! Waiting for him can surely make the kids anxious, so here are some activities that the kids will enjoy doing in their vacations until Santa arrives with his gifts.

  • Christmas activities for kindergarten

Where Christmas is all about having fun and celebrations, the long winter vacations can create boredom amongst the kids. Most playschools in Dubai do not give away holiday homework, giving children the freedom to enjoy. But when kept free for longer, kids can get bored easily. Thus here some cool ideas to keep your little ones busy this Christmas:

  1. Designing ornaments

Rather than buying decorations for the tree and house from the market, why not ask your kids to get creative? Give them some old pair of socks to make hangings for the wall and a few glitter papers cut outs to create their own version of stars and shiny balls for the tree.

This activity is fun, keeping your kids engaged while helping you save a few bucks! Mosaic Nursery is considered one of the best nurseries in Dubai. This institution respect every religion, celebration festivities with equal enthusiasm and most importantly, helps your child to get in touch with their creative side and design masterpieces that are truly beautiful!

  1. Making Wreath Ornament

No Christmas décor is complete without a beautiful wreath ornament. Hand out a green string along with green beads to your kids. Ask them to string in the beads and bent into a circle. Once done, decorate the wreath with things you like, giving it a personal touch of love and creativity.

  • Christmas Holidays Activities and Lessons

Mosaic Nursery is a popular British Preschool in Dubai, a nursery in Dubai that believes in spreading love, uniting students from every background and guiding them towards a better future. When it is time for some Christmas celebrations, this best British preschool encourages kids to create their own set of decorations that would then be used as hangings for the tree.

This institutes engages kids in various Christmas activities, where every game teaches a new lesson. Most activities taught at school or practiced in home indulge children in the spirit of Christmas, teaching them about the traditions and history of the day. In a time when most children are unaware of the Christmas history, the teachers Mosaic Nursery makes sure to teach them something informative through games and plays.

Christmas is all about sharing and caring for others, make those who are less privileged a part of your celebrations, spreading smiles and happiness and this is what exactly Mosaic Nursery teaches it students year after year!

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