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Is Earning A Child Development Associate Credential Worth It?

Is Earning a Child Development Associate Credential Worth It?

For those who wish to move forward and grow in their respective fields, gaining a related degree is always helpful. Thus, when talking about early childhood education, for a teacher to earn Child Development Associate (CDA) credential will prove utterly beneficial.

Most preschools in Dubai especially Mosaic Nursery pays respective and gives priority to someone with CDA credentials. Why? This is because it proves your worth and dedication towards your field of work.

What is the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential?

Child Development Associate or CDA credential is earned by childhood educators who demonstrate rich competencies that can help them exceed in their careers. For facilitators who work on the physical, emotional, and mental health of children through the right approach to learning, the CDA credentials can help them move forward.

Someone with CDA knows who to deal with kids in the most effective manner. Thus, this is one of the biggest reasons why most Dubai preschools prefer hiring teachers with CDA credentials.

  • Why is CDA important?

As easy as it may sound, but teaching elementary school children isn’t easy. Most nurseries in Dubai are supposed to follow a particular set of rules that ensure the effective provision of childhood education.

Being one of the best nurseries in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery pays special heed towards hiring staff with maximum CDA credentials. Also, it provides the teachers with safety. How? A person who holds the CDA credential testifies of completing the lawful 120 hours for formal education, which proves their dedication and worth in the field. Thus, if you’re passionate about teaching young kids, helping them grow mentally, physically, and emotionally then aim at earning the credentials without hesitation.

  • How to earn it?

The next question that might arise in your mind is how to earn the CDA credentials. You first need to apply through the education council in your country. Those with a high school or equivalent degree apply to it. Next, you’ll be preparing for the exams but before you attempt it, you’ll be required to gain at least 480 hours of educational work experience. Lastly, you need to pass the professional exams and you’ll soon be a proud holder of the CDA credentials.

  • Are DCA credentials worth earning?

If you wish to work in the best preschools in Dubai then gaining these credentials will surely be worth it. Mosaic Nursery in Dubai has always worked hard to provide quality education and thus, this is one of the biggest why it has been able to earn itself a good name in such a short period.

This nursery hires only the best teachers so that they ensure every single day is made full of learning. They not only focus on teaching by the book but aim towards at overall development of your child. Hence, if you are willing to work in the amazing nursery, the CDA credentials will surely help you land a job here and take off your career to new heights.

Early Childhood Development Milestones: What You Should Know

Early Childhood Development Milestones - What You Should Know

Children grow too soon. And there is no happier moment for a parent to watch their little ones learn new things. Do you remember the first time the talked? The first steps they took? Or the first time they learned to hold a glass and drink from it?

These are milestones that children achieve over time and hence, the sooner or later they do it determines their growth pattern.

Every Child is Different

Even two siblings are not the same and this is what most parents fail to understand. If your elder one started speaking “mama and baba” at the age of 8 months, your younger one doesn’t need to do the same. He/she might say it early or late.

But yes, there is a specific time frame calculated on general that determines the developmental pattern. This is to ensure that your child is developing right. But why is important?

This is so to ensure the proper mental and physical growth of infants. If the children are achieving milestones right on time it means they are growing at a right pace. if somehow they are lacking behind, one might need to intervene and consult a specialist for complete evaluation.

Choosing the Best Nursery in Dubai

Children learn from their surrounding and if you think your child is lagging in terms of development, it is suggested to enroll them into a preschool. Most preschools in Dubai take children under the age of 2 and hence teach the basics that are crucial to be taught at an early age.

Moreover, it is important to get them admitted in the best preschools in Dubai. Why? So you know they grow up in the right way.

Amongst the best nurseries in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery has been rated as one of the best preschool in Dubai. The teachers are highly trained in providing quality education to children while making learn fun for them but what makes Mosaic Nursery different from other Dubai preschools?

It is their dedication towards providing your children with the best. What do they do the best? They keep a close eye on the development of our kids, loving and caring for them as their own.

What as a parent out should do is to keep a close eye on the development of your kids. but this not necessarily mean comparing them with others, rather making sure that they are healthy in general.

Play in The Open

Feed them well, include vegetables and fruits in their daily meals, keep them away from junk and let them explore the world around. The more the children play in the open, the more curious they become and hence asking questions only improves their mental abilities.

If you need to compare your child with someone, do it with the worldwide growth standards so that you know where you stand. Remember, every child grows differently hand hence, what is important for them is to grow healthily. And yes, Mosaic Nursery makes sure your little stars shine bright!

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