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Infographic Provides Insight To Help Preschooler Handle Cyberbullying

Infographic Provides Insight to Help Preschooler Handle Cyberbullying

Bullying in any kind or form is a condemnable act and should be stopped at any cost. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying which takes place on social Facebook, Twitter, blog post or any other type of social platform. Every type of bullying is a horrible act of cowardice but cyberbullying is especially horrific because it is exposed to a larger audience. Parents can find a little trouble in spotting cyberbullying because it does not leave physical scars; however, the emotional scars that it leaves are far more damaging and long-lasting than any physical scar can ever be.

Finding out that your child has been bullied is an emotional stage for parents. It is terrifying to think that the gadgets you gave your child for entertainment are being used to inflict mental and emotional torture on your child. However, taking the gadget away is not the answer to the problem. Following are some steps that can lead you in the right direction regarding cyberbullying

  • Things to do if your kid is being bullied

The most effective thing that parents can do is to make efforts to diffuse the problem and protect their child. Make sure that you make your child realize that you love him/her unconditionally because the very first side effect of bullying is the loss of self-esteem and self-worth. If the child does not believe it then keep telling them until they do. British nurseries in Dubai often pay emphasis on the importance of self-esteem through subtle behavior so that it will become ingrained in a child’s mind.

  • Take a time out from electronic gadgets

Make your children take a step away from the toxicity of social media platforms. They are the reason why your child is suffering so make sure that your child is safe from all the cyberbullying.

  • Talk to concerned authorities

If you identify the bully then talk to his/her parents to solve the issue. If you have trouble identifying the assailant then talk to the school management to rectify the issue as soon as possible. The more time it will take you to solve the issue, the more psychological damage your child will suffer. British Preschool in Dubai or nursery in Dubai, in general, have strict bullying policy so; getting your child admitted in a place where there is strict policy is also a counteractive measure.

  • Give education

Children often do not tell parents about bullying and such accidents because they try to solve it by themselves and also because it’s a general perception among kids regarding bullying is that if you are being bullied then it makes you weak. Parents should educate their children about bullying and make them understand this point that the kids have to tell elders if they encounter such incidents. Make them understand that there is no shame in enduring bullying and that it does not make them weak. They are the strong ones and the truly weak one is the bully. You can show different infographics to your children to make them understand this grave issue in an easy manner. Such infographics are easily available on the internet and can help you a great deal in making a point. Best British nursery in Dubai like mosaic nursery often includes infographics in their curriculum and it has proven to be an effective method in teaching.

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