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Preschool Teaching Tips: How To Teach The “Hello” Song

Preschool Teaching Tips: How To Teach The “Hello” Song

Kids learn by observation. What they see becomes an integral part of their memory and personality; hence the lesson stays with them longer. If you want your children to adopt “good” behavior, show them how things are done rather than giving them long lectures.

Teachers at Mosaic Nursery have successfully adopted the modern approach of learning where children are involved in various activities to enhance learning and creativity. This nursery in Dubai has been training its teachers, transforming them into facilitators and educators who work tremendously hard to build personalities rather than simply teaching.

How To Teach The Hello Song

To make sure children learn etiquettes and behave like decent beings, this institute encourages the teachers to include the “Hello” song in their curriculum. Why? Because this musical piece is easy to understand and conveys the basic manners to children in the most fun way possible.

  • Teaching The Hello Song

When introducing something new to the kids, it can be difficult to get them familiar with it let alone expect them to remember it quickly. The “hello” song may sound easy to the adults, but for kids hearing it for the first time, it may sound fun but hard to memorize. This is why; here are a few tips that can be used by teachers at nursery schools in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery to teach the “hello” song:

  1. Make It Fun

Why just sing a song to the kids to remember? If repeated every day without a twist, the “hello” song may soon become boring for them, and boring doesn’t work well with children. The best way to help children memorize this poem is by making it fun. Include activities like dancing around or anything that goes well along with it so that the kids not just enjoy listening to it but helps them learn it by heart in no time at all!

  1. Repeat, repeat and repeat!

Make this poem a part of the routine that needs to be followed religiously. When it’s time to gather around and start the lecture, start it off with the poem, asking every student to sing along. Repeat the song every day (in a fun way of course!) which will help the kids memorize it easily.

  • What makes a “hello” song worthy to be taught?

Children need to learn the basic mannerism in order to help them lead a successful life ahead. This is why most nurseries like Mosaic Nursery lay great emphasis on teaching kids mannerism the fun way.

If you try teaching a kid the difference between good and bad verbally or by scolding, they might end up forgetting the lesson. This is why, the teachers at this nursery make sure to include the “hello” song in their daily curriculum, follow it religiously, sing it in the most enjoyable way so that at the end of the day, children learn something good!

Remember, just try to make learning fun for the kids and nothing will seem impossible to them, making learning and memorization easier!

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