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How To Talk To Your Teen About Reach Schools

How to Talk to Your Teen About Reach Schools

The admission season can be a tricky one for both the parents and the students especially with most of the students trying for reach schools. A reach school is a school which is unlikely to offer you admission. They are the most famous schools like Ivy leagues or can be an educational institution for which you are barely qualifying. So what should a parent do to make the situation better for their children in such stress-induced time? Well, the answer is simple, talk to them. The following are some tips for parents on how to approach their children about reach schools.

  • Don’t project your feeling

It is very important for parents to keep a check on their feelings. You have to make sure that you are not in any way projecting your sentiments to influence your child’s decision. Sometimes parents do it unconsciously without any intention of doing so. I have seen many parents who let their desires dictate their judgment. The main point here is to prepare your kids for a potential disappointment while hoping for the best.

  • Set realistic goals

Setting up realistic goals is very important. It’s good to aim high but putting all your eggs in one basket is not a safe option and neither a smart choice. Ask your children to make a combination of different type of schools, for example, if there are 3 reach schools in the list then there should be 4 target schools and 2 or 3 safety schools in which the probability of getting admission is more than 80%. By doing this, you are ensuring a safe future for your child.

  • Teach them about resilience

Every experience whether it is good or bad gives you a lesson for life. College applications mark the beginning of adulthood that will probably include many hard efforts and disappointments. Resilience is like a muscle that gets stronger with use. Parents should talk about what they went through when applying for college and their dreams and hope at that time with their children. All this will trigger your child’s sense of responsibility and will help them get a better understanding of their problems and their solution after listening to your experiences. It is true in a sense that college applications mark the beginning of adulthood and the resilience that you trying to teach them now will help them tremendously in their first step towards adult life.

Having said that, it is not possible to teach all of this in a few days or even a few months. Teaching these kinds of things take years. You have to get your child admitted in such schools or nurseries where they would learn not only things about curriculum but about life as well. It is true that the early years of education are very important and impact hugely in a child’s behavior. A child’s behavior is the reflection of what they learned in their early years. Best nurseries in Dubai and preschools in Dubai have a good curriculum but even more strict moral policies. Prepare your child from day one for these kinds of life decisions by admitting them into a good educational institution.

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