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How To Help Your Child With Writing Skills Through Guided Writing

How to Help Your Child with Writing Skills through Guided Writing

Writing is a complex skill which students need in order to advance in their academic life. A good foundation for writing is very necessary for children and it makes a huge difference if there base is strong. Guided writing is one of those methods that can help children immensely in improving their writing. So first let’s discuss what guided writing is. Guided writing is a method in which teachers/parents give constant feedback on a child’s writing while guiding him/her through the entire process of writing by giving advice on the sentence structure, composition, punctuation, etc. best British preschools in Dubai often use that method. There are many methods of conducting a successful session of guided writing. So here are a few examples that can help you while in polishing your child’s writing skills.

First Thing

The first thing is to make sure that the child has the material to write about. Don’t take the liberty of giving a topic to your child for writing because there is always a possibility of your child not finding the topic interesting enough to write on it. Instead, give your child the freedom of choosing the topic. Ask them leading questions about their interests. Another way to finds a topic is to ask them about a recent picnic or visit grandma’s house and ask them to tell you explicitly what happens there. Continue to ask questions until you get enough material to write then ask him to write whatever he/she told you in words. Preschools in Dubai like mosaic best nursery in Dubai often utilize this method to help their students in expanding their writing skills

When your child starts writing, give different suggestions in a soft manner like, “why don’t we start the sentence with a capital letter” or “here it seems that punctuation is missing”. In this way work on capitalization, punctuation, spellings, etc. by first asking them what to do and if they don’t know then tell them. It is very important to not overwhelm them by piling heaps of information. Take this as a slow process; deal with one issue at a time to make sure that the child retains information.

Feedback is also a very important part of the guided writing method. Make sure that you are providing feedback in a way that is healthy for a children’s frame of mind and not destructive. It is also important to be clear with the feedback. Do not give abstract praises like “you are doing a good job” or “this looks great”, but rather tell them in detail what they are doing well and how they can further improve it. The same thing applies to when you are telling them about their mistakes.

The most important thing is that even though the guided writing method is a great one and can help children tremendously in improving their writing, however, it is not the same case for every child. Maybe some children have difficulty with this and need some other method to improve their skills. In such cases, if you keep on insisting the use of this method then it can lead towards frustration on both ends and can result in your child hating the writing.

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