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How To Help Motivate Kids In Therapy

How to Help Motivate Kids in Therapy

Kids and teens often deal with problems and consequences that lead to stress and behavioral issues. If things don’t get better on their own, your child may require professional counseling or therapy. However, sometimes children begin to lose motivation or show less interest during therapy session which ultimately affects the outcomes of these sessions. In order to ensure successful results from therapy, most Dubai Nurseries design a plan to keep a child motivated. The counsellors and teachers keep searching for new activities and ideas to help students stay focused and dedicated to the therapy session. This can also be done using certain encouragement tactics such as toys, treats, and activities that children love.

Whether your child is receiving online therapy or in person sessions at Dubai Nursery, establishing motivation is the first step to get successful results. This begins with several steps. Firstly, you need to find the right encouragement for every child. This takes time, consistent efforts and a lot of planning. Start off by developing trust and trying to learn about their likes and dislikes. It’s extremely important that you build a strong connection with every child and win their trust.

Strategies to motivate Kids in therapy:

Make learning fun:

The ultimate way to reach the treatment goal is by making the journey fun and exciting for children in your Dubai Nursery. This increases the drive to participate keeping kids active and involved. Most preschools in Dubai such as Mosaic Nursery in JLT introduce games and hands-on activities for students to add a fun factor during the therapy sessions. Hence it doesn’t feel like a burden or a boring chore that you must perform rather an exciting task that children look forward to every day.

Reward good behavior:

Praise is a crucial step towards progress when it comes to therapy. Children should be aware that their teacher or counselor acknowledges their efforts and hard work. Be sure to compliment your child on a specific action that they performed during the session. For instance, if a child is able to properly express himself in a given situation, you must mention how well they did and that you’re proud of the improvement.

Keep Parents Involved:

Most Dubai Nurseries ask parents to participate in the therapy session. This helps to reinforce a positive behavior and boost the confidence of the children. Sitting and attending sessions with your child encourages them to participate in tasks better and answer questions enthusiastically. This will also allow guardians to reinforce the teachings of therapy at home. The consistency of the environment along with practice and praise will speed up the learning process. The child will develop intrinsic motivation to practice good behavior outside of practice.

Mosaic nursery in JLT has always been a strong advocate of good mental health among children. That is why we are dedicated to providing a positive nursery environment for students that can help them become a better people. We also have professional student counselors that can provide the right guidance to troubled students. We understand that the recent times have been hard on all of us, especially the young minds. But we assure you that the right counseling from our professional can help your child get better in no time. Get in touch with us at 04 425 6670.

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