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How Do You Handle Challenging Behaviors In A Preschool Classroom?

How Do You Handle Challenging Behaviors In A Preschool Classroom?

Handling a single toddler with his/her tantrums can be difficult, thus imagine trying to control a classroom full of little human beings crying and screaming their lungs out!

Parenting comes with its set of challenges and so does teaching. Being an educator, a facilitator, it is your duty as a teacher to handle kids and mold them into better personalities. But of course, it is easier said than done! Preschools in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery run training programs in which teachers are taught to deal with children when they are at their “worst behavior”. This allows them to remain calm in such alarming situations and handle as many kids at one time, without losing patience and cool.

  • Dealing With Challenging Toddler Behavior in the Classroom

Teaching a toddler the basic manners can be tough yet for a teacher, you got to control and teach more than a bunch of little humans the difference between right and wrong. Most days with the super cute people are a blessing, but other days can be worse than a nightmare for educators. So how do they deal with challenging toddler behavior in a classroom without over-reacting? Here is how:

  1. Stay Calm

When toddlers are throwing tantrums at you or making a mess in the class, those few minutes can seem like never ending but to make things end on a positive note, it is always suggested for teachers to stay calm. Rather than shouting and screaming at them, try to stay composed and use positive language to deliver your message.

Rather than screaming out “Stop right away or else you’ll be punished for the act”, adopt a softer tone with an alternate sentence like “Alex let’s go outside for a minute or two and have a drink”. Friendly communication is what will help you as a teacher in controlling classroom toddlers better!

  1. Be Empathetic

As difficult as it may sound, the best British Preschool in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery teaches their facilitators the art of empathizing with children. Why? This is because a child’s behavior is triggered by something with either emotional or physical existence. If you wish to gain complete control over your young students, the idea is to openly talk to them. Discuss why they are behaving rude or differently, provide them with a comfortable environment, hence empathizing will allow them to express themselves better.

The stronger the bond between a teacher and their students is, the easier they can deal with the challenges.

  1. Reinforce Good Behavior

Kids love being treated with gifts as small as a candy. To deal with a cranky, fussy toddler, one can always reinforce positive behavior. Tell them if they will behave at their best, complete work on time and make no fuss, they’ll be rewarded with their favorite chocolate or candy. Reinforce good behavior with a reward because this is one of the best and fastest ways to teach a child the basic difference between good and bad behavior!

Named amongst the best nursery in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery runs a training program for teachers where they are taught to deal with challenges without losing their patience and cool. Children need to be handled with great care and love, and this is what Mosaic Nursery emphasis on!

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