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Group Learning In Early Years

Group Learning in Early Years

Collaborative learning involves a small group of children who learn by performing various activities. It is a fun way to interact with children by ditching the conventional classroom method for once. Although there are multiple benefits associated with this technique of learning, the method is still underrated. According to research, group learning is one of the most underused and poorly implemented teaching strategies in preschools. Most educators find it intimidating and chaotic due to a lack of experience or knowledge. However, collaborative learning can prove to be one of the most effective methods of learning if used right.

Organizing Small Group in Preschools:

Most preschools in Dubai opt for one of the following ways to arrange group activities among toddlers.

  • A teacher-centric technique where an educator leads the class whereas the group of students learns collectively.
  • Children are divided into multiple smaller groups to work on a particular activity. The groups are supervised by an adult

Small group activities make the whole experience manageable for the teacher as it helps them focus on each participant individually while the kids are working together. The ideal group size should consist of 3-6 students to make the collaborative experience more engaging and fun while maintaining the discipline of the classroom. Another important tip is to keep things organized and fun otherwise you may experience a few behavioral issues. It is also advised to design activities depending on the needs of a specific group. The tasks should neither be too hard nor too easy for the kids.

Benefits of Group Activities in Preschools:

Collaborative education has tons of advantages especially when incorporated into the daily life of a preschooler. It enhances the ability of a child to grasp new concepts and learn various skills. Small group tasks are also a great way to regulate a child’s emotion and help them create a stronger bond with their class fellows. This not only inculcates positive core values such as empathy and kindness but also develops strong leadership qualities and teamwork skills from an early age. In the long run, kids who know how to work together turn out to be more confident and emotionally secure individuals.

Ideas for Group Activities:

Here are a few suggestions of activities that can be used for your next collaborative effort.

Language and Literacy:

A great way to help your kids learn new words is through games. Puzzles or manipulatives can be shaped into letters and words to improve a child’s language skills such as using beads or blocks to spell out a word or simply painting letters on rocks to help them memorize a letter. It is a great way to learn something new while helping out one another during the activity.

Arts and Crafts:

Another interesting activity to engage preschoolers is through arts. Arrange a painting task and let the kids come up with exciting ideas. Set a central sheet or canvas and let the little artist decide the possibilities. You’ll be amazed to see the final results.

Role Play:

Using imagination in the play can make a significant difference to your group activities and the best way to incorporate it is through role-playing. Decide a theme for each group and assign different roles to each student. Be creative! You’ll be surprised to see how talented these young minds can be.

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