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Get Informed And Be An Advocate For Your Child

Get Informed And Be An Advocate For Your Child

Every child is different so does their interests, likes, and dislikes. Parents get anxious and look for preschools in Dubai that understand the unique interests and needs of their child. Mosaic nursery JLT has well trained teachers who identify the unique capabilities, emotional needs and issues of each student and help them grow, provide assistance throughout and teach them as per their distinctive potentials.

Nobody understand the kids as much as the parents does so this article identifies different ways that parents can advocate their kids so that they can get academic success.

Be well informed:

Parents should be well informed about their kid’s performance, and all school related activities. Attend parents-teacher meetings to know the lacking of your child, and his unique capabilities. Always check the school/homework diary, it may contain curriculum regarding the upcoming event or newsletters, complaints and much more. Visit the school website regularly. The parents who are well informed about the school activities and their child’s performance can better advocate their child.

Get involved:

It is significant for the parents to get involved your child’s school life as it is crucial in advocating the actually requirements of your child.

Getting involved doesn’t just mean that you attend the meetings regularly; it is about letting the teacher know what your child actually wants. Best nurseries in Dubai welcomes the suggestions of parents on how the school or teacher can contribute more to make their child comfortable and learn more quickly as they are well aware that nobody understands the child better than the parents.

Talk to the teacher:

If your child is not a quick learner, shy, introvert or has some other problem then it’s better to talk to the teacher directly. Take an appointment and discuss the issues related to your child.

If you think the teacher isn’t really helpful then talk to the Principal to find out a solution to make your kid academically strong.

Communication with the child:

Parent should talk with their kids regularly whether you are working parents or stay-at-home parent. Kids who communicate with their parents about their life and receive positive guidance and appreciation are more confident in the life. They have good problem solving skills, higher self esteem and good academic record compared to the kids who don’t communicate with their parents. If you want to advocate your child then make a routine to ask few questions on daily. For instance, how was your day? What was the best thing about school today? Which subject you want to study every day? Which subject you wish to learn one a week? Take interest when your child talks about his friends and teacher. Predict the nature of his friend and the attitude of his teacher.

Take quick actions:

Best British Preschool in Dubai suggests that parents should not wait for the parents-teacher meeting if they have concern with their child’s progress. You can always take an appointment and discuss the issues, the teacher knows the child closely so don’t hesitate to discuss anything. It is important for a teacher and parents to be on same page. Make collective strategies to improve your child’s academic, cognitive, linguistics, social and emotional improvement.

Hope this article helps all the parents who want to advocate their kids for their successful life ahead.

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