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Ethics And Politics In Early Childhood Education

Ethics and Politics in Early Childhood Education

Early childhood years play a crucial part in designing the future and personality of a kid, thus, it is important to ensure they get the right head start. Most nurseries in Dubai follow a curriculum that is designed to meet the international standards of education, but one of the biggest concerns of every parent today is that their kids behave “good”.

Code of ethic is something not every nursery in Dubai focuses on. Only a fewer preschools in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery pay special heed to teaching politics and ethics to children, which help them realize how similar or different they are from others.

The importance of Education

The importance of Education

When kid first steps in a classroom filled with fellow students, it is the moment he/she tries exploring the world, gaining maximum knowledge about the surrounding and fellow beings.

Most British preschools in Dubai focus mainly focus on subjects like English, mathematics etc, all of which aim at cognitive and mental development only.

As much as mental and physical development of children is important, so is their emotional well-being. Teachers at Mosaic Nursery, the best British nursery in Dubai today, believes on developing personalities by working on every aspect of human nature. They nurture the kids and take care of their well-being through complete and proper guidance.

Not only does this preschool teach the main stream subjects with dedication, but emphasize on the importance of including ethics and politics in early childhood education programs for the betterment of children.

But, why is it so important?

Early years is the time when children tend to explore things around them, designing ideas and thought processes that will become fixed later in life. Teaching them the usual hi and hello, some table manners and how to act as a “real” human being will leave a huge impact on their personality.

It is necessary to help them grow in an environment where everyone is treated equally, where youngsters respect their elders and treat them with love and care. Similarly, inculcating your political views into the minds of kids should never be practiced. Let me question the past, learn through history and keep them updated with the present.

The more they’ll question about the world, the stronger will their grip be on critically analyzing situations. Starting from an early age gives you a chance at molding kid’s personality into “positive”, improve their decision making skills and teach them that they are their own boss.

Mosaic Nursery firmly believes that kids need to be taught politics and ethics and school which helps broaden their horizon of thinking. They’ll learn to look at both sides of the coin, treating their peers and friends as equal and most importantly, develop a softer side to their personality. But that surely doesn’t mean they’ll be weak from the inside, rather their kids like these are better at analyzing situation and driving solutions that’ll help them get through.

Thus, even if most preschools unlike Mosaic Nursery do not offer ethics and politics as a part of their curriculum, it is never too late to start at home!

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