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Essential Needs Of A Preschool Child / Kindergarten

Essential Needs of a Preschool Child / Kindergarten

Here are some of the essential needs of a preschool/kindergarten kid; this can help you in understanding how to deal with a child.

All the kids have some rudimentary essential needs, which if satisfied in a balanced manner, help them build a strong personality. It is therefore so pertinent to recognize those essential needs. At a pre-school/ kindergarten, it is difficult to teach kids without identifying there essential needs.

1. Nurture With Love and Care:

The Mosaic Nursery JLT Dubai has a well trained staff that nurtures with kids with love and care. The happy faces of the kids depict it all. The kids are well-cared under the strict surveillance of professionals and CCTV cameras. Mosaic nursery provides a home-like environment so the kids get involved throughout the day in productive activities. The teacher turnover ratio is low therefore the kids are attached with their teachers/caretakers. The kids that grow in a loving and caring environment becomes successful and confident adults.

2. Security:

Security is one of the most essential needs of a pre-school/kindergarten kid. Mosaic provides a safe environment that encourages kids to acquire skills that are crucial for the emotional, social and academic success. It provides freedom to kids to explore and experiment in a secure environment.

3. Physical Activity:

Physical activity of a child is important in this age to remain healthy. Mosaic provides aplenty options for kids to remain physically active throughout the day. There facilities and activities include swimming, baby proof gym, indoor and outdoor play area with a lot of healthy and safe playful activities. There are music and Yoga classes that encourage healthy lifestyle from very early age.

Mosaic encourage play time. It is an essential need of a preschool/kindergarten child to spend time with their peer group and play with them. A kid learns socializing, teamwork, sharing and caring through playing with the friends at a pre-school.


The teachers at Mosaic understand that kids need constant support and appreciation therefore their creativity is encouraged to make them self-expressive and more confident.


At Mosaic British Nursery Dubai, the teacher act as a facilitator of a child. They guide them to solve their problems but don’t direct them or order them. The teachers don’t control or manipulate the kids, in fact they just teach what is right and what is wrong for them and wait for them to select the best path for them. they encourage the kids to explore their natural interests.


The best gift you can give to someone is your time. Similarly, the kids need to your. At Mosaic, the teacher to student ratio is really low; therefore the kids can easily get quality time with the teacher. the kids and teacher share a strong bonding with each other.

Hope, you will select the best nurseries in Dubai for your little one who will understand the essential needs of your child.

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