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Emotional Development In Children

Emotional Development in Children

Emotional Development in Children – Encourage Child Independence

Do you recall any moment from your childhood full of emotions? The anxiety of going to school for the first time or perhaps the fear of moving to a new town? What was the role of your family to help you cope with the rush of emotions in that particular moment? Did you talk to someone about your feelings? Or did you figure it out on your own due to lack of support?

The first five years of childhood are extremely crucial for the social and emotional development of any individual. Your mind began to learn emotional patterns and human interactions from an early age which affects our capability to develop positive relationships in the future. Hence, parents and teachers must pay special attention to the emotional wellbeing and social behavior of every child.

So, when should parents began to focus on emotional socialization? The answer is as early as the preschool years. In fact, this the best time to help your child understand their feelings and express them most effectively.

Preschoolers And Social-Emotional Development:

Here are a few tips to keep in mind during the early childhood years of your young ones.

Creating A Safe Space:

A healthy environment plays a key role in the physical as well as mental development of an individual. Let your child express their feelings without the fear of being judged. Encourage creativity as a means of self-expression. It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to help children understand how they feel. Children who feel emotionally safe are calm and happy. It also improves concentration and encourages them to reach their greatest potential.


Preschoolers are involved in multiple activities during the day. In fact, most of the playschools in Dubai arrange group activities for children where peer-to-peer interaction is encouraged. These conversations might seem small but have a grave impact on a child. Interactions such as sitting at circle time help children to self-evaluate their choices and enhance their decision-making abilities.

Relationship With Others:

There is no limitation to a child’s imagination. And the best game for most youngsters is pretending to play a game where they can be anyone they want. This activity helps them use a variety of sentences to express their feelings. As a result, preschoolers become more familiar with their feelings and start learning on their own. Moreover, it also makes it easier for them to understand the emotions of their friends which is a critical part of their development.

How Can We Help?

Nursery plays an essential role in the early stages of development of every child and choosing the right one can make all the difference for your kid. We at Mosaic JLT ensure a healthy and positive environment for children to ensure emotional and social growth. Our caregivers set social and emotional milestones for each child according to their pace and personality. This allows us to track and record the improvement in the behavior of each student. This is the main reason why we are considered one of the finest preschools in Dubai. If you are a busy parent who is concerned about their child’s development, reach out to us today. Call us at 04 425 6670 to know more.

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