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Education Is A Vaccine For Violence – Preschool Education Tips

Education is a Vaccine For Violence – Preschool Education Tips

Education is the key to a prosperous future and that is a basic right of which no human on this earth should be deprived of. Every child has a right to basic education and pre schooling forms the base for a person’s academic excellence. Parents need to pay more attention towards their child’s early age literary development.

Alongside a child’s nourishment his mental nurturing is also important and that requires special attention from parents. With making your child follow a proper productive routine and admitting them in one of the best preschools in your town can ensure their best mental development. In order to prepare your child for a bright future and also to ensure that your child grows up to be a civilized adult with the sense of right and wrong and a mindset that abolishes the bad aspects of our society, parents need to choose the best preschool for the foundation of their child’s upbringing.

British nurseries in Dubai are the best option if one is looking for the proper pre schooling of their child. They follow the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum system, which not only allows a student to know his potential and his direction for the future from very start but also prepares him to face our challenging and competitive society in the future.

The best British nurseries in Dubai that are the priority of many parents are performing these educational tips with their preschoolers to make them more confident, self-sufficient, independent and consistent. Mosaic Nursery JLT has shared some of the major education tips that we are sharing here;

  1. Give task to your preschoolers that promote independence and confidence in them.
  2. Start expecting more from them. Let them do small task like throw the wrappers in dustbin, take out water from dispenser, hang the jacket etc.
  3. Appreciate them when they perform something correctly.
  4. Never correct or fix something your child has done, this lowers their confidence.
  5. Give them scenarios and encourage their cognitive and problem solving skills.
  6. Give your preschooler a duty to perform every day to make your child a contributing member of your family. For instance, water the plants, give newspaper to grandparents, and polish your school shoes.
  7. Make strict rules and follow them religiously to make kids more consistent in routine. Like wash the hands before and after the meal, brush your teeth before bedtime, etc.
  8. Make things more interesting for kids by making stories out of them.
  9. Give rewards and gifts as a gesture of appreciation.
  10.  Focus on physical wellbeing of kids by letting them play with sand, water and outdoor activities.

Above given are some of the most important preschool education tips that best schools in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery in JLT is practicing. These are tried and tested tips that parents can perform with their kids in everyday routine to make them a better person. The period of pre-schooling is very crucial for child’s academic life, and it is very important for parents to make sure that they contribute as much as they can for their kids.

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