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Early Years Science Activities

Early Years Science Activities

Nowadays, innovation has become an important part of our daily life. This is changing the current educational trends by introducing a new subject in schools. STEM and STEAM-based education system is the talk of the town these days. All top-notch nurseries in Dubai are focusing on science and technology to help build curiosity among students.

Do you know what’s the best way to understand science easily? It’s the practical implementation of theoretical concepts. Your kids will not only learn a lot but also have a blast exploring science!

Here is a list of some amazing science activities for preschoolers.

The Lava Lamp:

This interesting project is a huge hit among preschoolers. This super cool experiment uses only a few supplies- some colorful water, a few drops of oil a surprise element for the lava effect. The bubbling effect can be achieved by using an Alka Seltzer or disprin tablet. The activity should be carried out under adult supervision.

Sink Or Float?

This simple yet classic activity helps to build some basic science concepts such as surface tension and buoyancy. The experiment can be performed with children of very young age. All you need is a bucket of water and a range of different objects such as coins, leaves, etc. Children can take turns to find out whether the object will sink or stay on the surface of the water. The teacher can, later on, explain what causes a certain behavior of an object.

How Do Plants Grow?

Another great way to explore science is through nature. A simple potting activity can help you clear several concepts. Ask children to bring seeds from different fruits and vegetables at home. Plant those seeds in pots and see the results. This experiment will be time taking as you’ll have to wait for the seeds to turn into plants but the results will be fruitful.

Creating Slime:

This activity will be a little messy but equally fun and engaging. Most preschoolers are crazy about slimes these days. They love exploring the weird properties of a liquid and a solid. All you need to do is mix a container of cornflour with water to create a slimy mixture and start punching it afterward. There you have it! Your very own slime. Keep rolling the slimy balls in your hand. As soon as you stop, it will turn back to a watery mixture rather than a solid dough.

We bet that your kids will enjoy all these activities to the fullest. For more fun activities visit Mosaic Nursery in JLT today and see all the beaming faces yourself.

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