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Early Years Inspection Handbook

Early Years Inspection Handbook

Early years settings have a huge responsibility on their shoulders. They shape the future of young children hence they are required to meet many expectations. To maintain the quality of early childhood education, preschools in Dubai go through a strict and extensive inspection procedure following a specific Education Inspection Framework. Many providing a snapshot of what to expect when you are inspected from September 2019. However, many Dubai playschools are unaware of what happens during an inspection. To make sure you nail it at the next meeting with the government officials, we have gathered some important information to provide you an insight into the entire procedure. This summarized blog on the Early Years Inspection Handbook will take you to step by step through the inspection.

Here a complete guide on what to expect from an early year’s inspection under the new Education Inspection Framework


When an inspector plans for a school inspection, you should be well prepared before his arrival. Here is all your visitor might be interested in:

  • History of your establishment
  • Confirming the registration details
  • Accuracy of information about staff and students
  • information held on the government database
  • details of any concerns
  • previous inspection reports
  • progress made by your playschool since the last inspection
  • information from the preschool’s website

In most cases, telephone notice is given to most preschools in Dubai before the inspection is planned.

There is a possibility that the inspector may visit your facility prior to notification. This occurs when inspections are prioritized in case of any concerns regarding a Dubai playschool.

As the officer about their expectation and necessary documentation they require. An inspector may ask to see the following:

  • A list of current staff and their qualifications.
  • A register having the date of birth of all children enrolled
  • Any pre-planned interruptions to normal routines during the inspection.
  • The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) records and any other documents summarizing the checks on, and the vetting and employment arrangements of, all staff working at the setting
  • All logs of incidents of discrimination, including racist incidents
  • Complaint’s log and their resolutions
  • Child protection policies
  • Risk assessment, fire-safety arrangements, and other policies relating to health and safety

What can you expect during the inspection?

Here is what you can expect on the big day!

Firstly, the inspector sent by the government will identify himself and confirm his authenticity. School management should not avoid this step or hesitate to ask for their identification. The institute must follow its regular protocol that shows their commitment to protect their pupil and staff members. The inspector should sign in as a visitor to the setting. You should also elaborate other health and safety procedures such as Covid safety measures or emergency evacuation guidelines. This way, the inspector can see it for themselves all the safety measures being taken at your setting.

In addition, all preschools in Dubai inform parents ahead of the inspection. You can simply put up an official notice that tells parents that your setting is being inspected on the mentioned date. The inspectors can also have a conversation with some parents if they wish to. The discussion may include the parent’s opinion and experience of your setting.


Once a thorough inspection is complete, the officer will jot down the final remarks and compile a professional report regarding the experience. They will also update the database of concerned authorities with information collected during the inspection.

The report will be sent to the early childhood institute to check for factual accuracy before it is published.

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