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Creative Indoor Activities Your Kids Will Love

Creative Indoor Activities Your Kids will Love

Are you dreading the summer holidays? Not because you have to baby sit but because you don’t have aplenty ideas to keep them involved in productive activities.

“Mama, I’m getting bored”… be prepared for this phrase for the whole summer holidays if you are not proactive!

For the parents who are working and for mothers who don’t have sufficient ideas to entertain the kids during summer, Childcare Dubai and summer camps are the best options. Mosaic best Nursery in Dubai s one of the Best British Preschool in Dubai that offers high-end child care services in really affordable rates.

Here are few creative indoor activities to entertain your kids;

  1. Pom Pom Activity:

Pom pom sorting activity enhances the motor skills of kids. All you need is clothespin, colorful pom poms and different colored cups. Ask the kids to sort the pom pom with the help of clothespin and put it in the cup that matches the color of pom pom.

  1. Golf game:

Make your own golf target by using an old carton of milk pack. Make holes in it and write numbers over each entry hole. Your kid will love to hit golf balls in the holes.

  1. Indoor Play house:

Build a cool play house with your child and put their favorite toys, snacks and reading books. They can spend a few hours over there and parents can relax back.

  1. Color the cardboard box:

Take an empty cardboard box and place your toddler in it. Give them crayons and let them color the cardboard box walls. This activity keeps them busy for long time as the kids love drawing on the walls so let them enjoy as much as they can.

  1. Laser Maze:

Take a crepe paper and make a maze. Let the kids make their way out of the maze. This is a fun-filled indoor activity that requires just a crepe paper and a tape.

  1. Paint the rocks:

Take different size of rocks and paint them. Make a snowman, caterpillar or pyramids, etc from the painted rocks.

  1. Fingerprint Artwork:

Toddlers love this fingerprint art work. For this activity, you need different paint colors. The kids dip the finger in the paint and stamp it on the paper. You can draw different animals, designs, flowers, etc.

  1. Toilet paper tube:

Don’t throw the toilet paper tube as it can be used in many creative art pieces of your tot. The kid can paint the tube and you can attach the stripes of crepe paper at one end of the tube. To make it more interesting you can add pom pom and little eyes on it to make it a dragon. The kid can blow from one end which will move the crepe paper from the other end. Hence the toilet paper dragon is ready. It makes the kids happy for at least few days.

  1. Make your own money box:

Take an old shoe box, cut a slot on the top of the box. This simple yet creative activity keeps the kids happy as the collect a lot of coins from all the corner of the home and put it in their money box.

Hope these creative indoor activities will entertain your children throughout the summer holidays.

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