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Conservation Activities For Kids Inspired By A Book

Conservation Activities For Kids Inspired By A Book

Over the past few decades, the rapidly human population has led to a depletion of resources, including both renewable and non-renewable ones. And because earth is now losing everything that it has to offer, it is crucial to teach children the art of conservation, in order to “save” something for the future generations to come.

Teaching Conservation Through Activities

The idea of “conservation” should become a part of play-school in Dubai. As much as it is important to teach kids the benefits of water, instilling the idea of not wasting it should be given equal importance.

Children learn most through observing the actions of others; this is why one should always practice righteously to teach kids something good every time. Similarly, Mosaic Nursery, a British preschool in Dubai makes sure to introduce new concepts to children through book reading, making it easier to remember and understand.

Conservation Activities For Kids

To adults, the concept of conservation is not a new one. But when it comes down to children, teaching them how it works can take time. From conserving your surroundings to stopping wastage of water, most playschools for kids today encourage the habit of reading, so the concepts can be cleared the fun way. Here are a few conservation activities inspired by books that will help little ones to create a better world for them:

  1. A Paper Boat

This one can be fun! The book “Toy Boat” is an easy to read scripture, introducing the concept of recycling and upcycling to the kids. Mosaic Nursery, considered as one of the best playschools in Dubai makes sure to add such an activity in their curriculum that help developing the habit of reusing old stuff in a creative way.

For this paper boat, all you need is an empty juice box, some glue or tape, scissors and an old note book. Cut the wide part of the juice box and cover it with colored paper and tape. Next take a cork, make a hole at the top and another at the side. Glue it to the box and insert bendable straws in both the holes. Next, ask your kids to cut a paper triangle for the sail and fix it with the straws. Your boat is all set for sail!

  1. Paper Recycling

Although this activity may not be popular amongst the best preschool in Dubai, but it can help save a few hundred trees every year. All you need is a few papers from old note books. Cut them into tiny pieces and place them in a container full of water, leaving the mush overnight. Once kept soaking for hours, take it out and place it a mould and leave it to dry. When dried, your recycled paper is all set to be used!

Teaching Conservation Through Activities

Even today, most kids playschools do not emphasize much on the importance of teaching conservation of the surrounding. But, keeping in mind the need of time, the management at Mosaic Nursery, the best nursery in Dubai has surely made this “topic” a highlight of their curriculum, teaching kids to keep their earth clean and green for them and their future!

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