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Children’s Birthday Party Ideas At Home – Mosaic Guide

Children’s Birthday Party Ideas At Home – Mosaic Guide

The day when your child was born, the day when you got the opportunity to hold him/her for the very first time, look at them and kiss their forehead, that day remains in your heart forever.

This is why, with every passing year, the birth-day of your kids becomes even better as you get to watch them achieve their milestones like true rock stars and grow into beautiful adults that will make you proud one day. As much as parents today are excited to celebrate the birthday of their kids, children themselves have set standards to meet.

Children's Birthday Party Ideas At Home

So, if you’re planning to through a birthday party at home, here are some great ideas that will add to the excitement:

  1. Follow a Theme

Is your little one a huge fan of “Paw Petrol”??

Or they simply love ponies or cars?

Whichever your child’s favorite character is, plan a party around that theme. Choose balloons that go well with the color scheme, a big portrait of the character on the back of the wall would do great as well and most importantly, do not forget to get a cake to go with the theme!

  1. Arrange a Jumping Castle

Kids love jumping around and if they have their own space to do so, they’ll simply have a party to remember! For parents who have a spacious house or one with a backyard, arranging a jumping castle can certainly be fun. Do not go overboard with a larger sized castle, rent one that will easily fit in the required space and entertain the kids.

  1. Scavenger Hunt

All the running around the house can surely be a bit messy, but let’s admit it, watching your kids having fun along with his/her friends is definitely the best feeling in the world. Plan a scavenger hunt for the little guests with a treasure that is as simple as a toy car, a doll or maybe some candies. It doesn’t have to be expensive but surely needs to be fun!

Listed as the best nursery in Dubai; Mosaic Nursery emphasis on involving kids in physical and mental activities like this one. Scavenger hunt and similar activities help kids to ponder and think, keeping their minds active and sharp while running around searching for the prize keeps them physically fit.

  1. Passing the Pillow

Old is gold, and games like these can never get boring. Ask all the kiddos to sit in a circle, put on some crazy music and throw a pillow at them. When the music stops, the kid with the pillow moves out! Repeat until you find a winner but remember to encourage all the participants with small goodie bags, making everyone a winner!

Children's Birthday Party Ideas At Home

  • Conclusion

To make your child’s birthday fun, just make sure you add lots of fun games and activities because this is what kids love. And for the adults, a few refreshments and snacks will do well! To throw a great party, you do not need to spend thousands of bucks, remember to plan wisely!

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