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Reem Island 04 425 6670 Fortune Executive Tower, Cluster T JLT
Best Preschools In Dubai, UAE

Best Preschools in Dubai, UAE

Looks like playtime is over! It is commonly believed that when children start school, the time of fun and entertainment comes a halt. But with mosaic Nursery, one of the best nurseries in Dubai, the fun never stops!

When your kid turns 4, you as a parent start searching for the best Dubai preschools for him/her. Why? This is because you want to give the right start to your child which will help build a promising future for them. Enrolling your children in high-quality preschools programs is crucial as whatever they will learn here, will design their future.

This is why, when choosing the right start for your little bundle of joy, only choose Mosaic Nursery. It might be a new nursery in Dubai but is surely one of the best!

◆ Best Nursery Schools Near Me

For those searching for preschool is JLT, there are quite a few popular ones that promise to provide quality education. But of course, a promise like this comes with a price.

Best Nursery Schools Near Me

Unlike Mosaic Nursery, most nursery schools in Dubai are very expensive, making it impossible for a white-collared family to send their children to that institute for education. Keeping in mind that most parents work hard to make ends meet for the family, Mosaic Nursery has established an institute that offers education meeting international standards.

The teachers here are highly dedicated here and aim at developing the cognitive and motor skills of every child. They have successfully taken up the modern approach of learning where activities are used to teach the newest information, making learning fun for the kids.

This is why; your child will love going to school every day!

◆ Best Preschools Near Me

Apart from Mosaic Nursery, here are some other known preschools in Dubai:

  1. Creative Kids Early learning center
  2. Toddler Town British Nursery JBR
  3. Odyssey Nursery
  4. Kangaroo Kids Nursery
  5. Little Wonder Nursery
  6. Great Minds Nursery
  7. Step by Step Nursery
  8. Child’s play nursery
  9. Jumeirah International Nurseries- Al Safa
  10. Little land Nursery

And the list goes on. Some of these are old players in the field while others are new, but every nursery in the list is known for the quality of education that they provide.

◆ Preschools in JLT

Preschools in JLT

There are numerous nursery schools in Dubai that charge minimum for their services but not all meet the standards of education promised by Mosaic Nursery. So, if you want your kid to excel in life, choose only Mosaic Nursery for him/her.

Here is how you can contact the institute for further queries:

    ◉ Preschool in JLT, Dubai, UAE

    ◉ Address: Location: Fortune Executive Tower, Cluster T, Exactly Opposite Damac Properties Metro Station, JLT

    ◉ Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

    ◉ Contact Number: 04 425 6670

    ◉ Email:

It is always advisable to visit the preschool in person and gain information regarding the curriculum and fee structure. You can also meet teachers there and visit classes to get a better idea of what the institute has to offer. So, before jumping to a conclusion, do your research thoroughly!.

Best Preschools in JLT, Dubai, UAE

Best Preschools in JLT, Dubai, UAE

Looking for the best nursery for your kid? Then head towards Mosaic Nursery, one of the best preschool in Dubai, offering quality education with affordability.

  • Best Preschools Near Me

Finding a good educational institution for your toddler can require a lot of time and effort. You as a parent need to dig deep into things that are best suited for your little one.

From travel time to fee structure, everything matters!

Most nursery schools in Dubai have a curriculum designed around international standards of education. But then again, most of these Dubai preschools charge more than what they offer, making it difficult for the parents to get in.

Amongst these, Mosaic nursery in Dubai stands out to be one of the best. Even than if you’re still confused why choose this institute for your little one, here are all the reasons that will absolutely satisfy you:

  1. The Amazing Faculty

What makes an institute great? It is the management and faculty there who work tirelessly hard to achieve a name for them. Preschools teacher at Mosaic Nursery are highly skilled and experienced, adapting to the newest approach of making learning fun for the kids.

  1. Super Friendly Environment

What else makes Mosaic one of the best preschools in JLT? It is the secure learning environment that this place offers. The teachers here are super friendly with staff always concerned for the kids. From class lectures to recess breaks, this institute makes sure your kid is in safe hands and enjoys his/her early educational years to the fullest!

  1. Affordable Fee Structure

Most nursery schools Dubai charge higher than what one could actually pay for. But as for Mosaic Nursery, they promise to provide quality education yet charge minimum for it. Why? Because this place aims towards well-being and development of your children, designing a promising future for them.

  1. Advanced Facilities and Infrastructure

From the spacious classroom to well-equipped labs, one of the best nurseries in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery has it all!

The classrooms are filled with everything that facilitates learning, so that at the end of the day, your kid learns the most!

They have fully furnished buildings with outdoor playgrounds for physical training. Mosaic Nursery works on every aspect of your child’s development. From emotional well-being to physical and mental development, the teachers here work from every side.

Although, Mosaic Nursery isn’t an old name in the list of best nurseries in JLT but surely, over the years have proved its worth! With a goal to make quality education available for everyone, this institute has designed curriculum meeting international standards of education with fee structure that is light on the pocket.

For parents looking for the best nursery in JLT and surrounding, Mosaic Nursery is the place to head towards! Visit it once and you’ll definitely fall in love with this institute, satisfied with the faculty and happy with the environment that they offer. So, think no more and visit this preschool now!

Guide to the Best Preschools in Dubai

Guide to the Best Preschools in Dubai

Every country has its own methodologies of teaching along with a curriculum that has been designed according to the local mindset and requirements. Similarly, although mist preschools in Dubai are known for their curriculum that meets the international standard of education but basically has been designed to support learning of kids living in that very country.

Most Dubai preschools follow either a British curriculum or an American one. While some nursery schools in Dubai are popular for following the International Baccalaureate curriculum, promising to provide education that meets international standards. Each curriculum has its own set of pros and cons, but the success of it depends on the faculty implementing it.

Amongst the best nurseries in Dubai till date, Mosaic Nursery stands out to be one of the finest educational institutes.

• Recommended Preschools

When searching for the best preschools in JLT, Mosaic Nursery tops the list. This nursery in Dubai has been offering quality education over the years, although it is still new in the field as compared to other schools in Dubai, yet not less than others in any way!

Why choose Mosaic Nursery? It is because there is no other educational institute that promises to help your children grow into intellects with brighter future.

It is because there is no other nursery in Dubai that nurtures your children, helps them explore their talents and enhances their skills, encourages questioning and curiosity, let them explore the world to find the answers and most importantly, doesn’t suppress their creativity.

This nursery is just another preschool that charges money to prepare robots with information ready to take over the world but create personalities that aim at making the world a better place. The preschool teachers of Mosaic Nursery are highly trained and professional in their conducts, holding years of hand on experience that allows them to nurture children and inculcate knowledge that will help them later in future.

• Does the JLT have preschool?

Yes, one of the best preschools in JLT is the Mosaic Nursery, a complete early childhood educational center for your kids that can be trusted with a blind eye in offering quality education.

This institute believes in individual growth and personality development. The teachers here have adopted activity-based learning approach to make schooling fun. Also, the building is equipped with modern facilities including an indoor play area, first aid room and spacious classrooms with colorful walls, which adds to children’s excitement of coming back the next day!

Mosaic Nursery established itself with a goal to make learning fun for children. Although its does have an internationally approved curriculum to follow, but it believes in grooming and development of mental, physical and emotional aspects of a kid’s personality. And thus, the teachers here work on their growth and development through encouragement and reinforcement for positive outcomes.

The preschool tries to maintain a friendly and safe learning environment for the kids. There is no communication barrier between children and teachers; hence, kids can ask questions without hesitation, which in turn promotes confidence and boosts critical thinking. If you’re looking for the best preschool in JLT, Mosaic Nursery is the place!

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