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Best Nursery In Dubai, UAE

Best Nursery In Dubai, UAE

Play Schools As a parent, your sole responsibility is to prioritize your child’s upbringing, give in your best and make sure they grow up into responsible and talented individuals who play their part in making the world a better place.

With so much on your hands, being a parent and juggling between family and profession isn’t easy. Hence, this is where the role of teachers comes in! Choosing the right place, the right educator and institute for your child are crucial as it designs their future for the better. This is why, when your child turns the right age, choose Mosaic Nursery, a renowned nursery in Dubai as their first learning institute and watch them grow into an amazing intellect.

Best Nursery In Dubai, UAE

Looking for the best British nursery in Dubai?

Preschools in Dubai offer quality education and many of them are surely expensive. Not every working parent has the resources to send off their kids to expensive institutes that promise to provide quality education but fail to do so. When talking about Dubai’s top nurseries, Mosaic Nursery definitely tops the list.

This place has a state-of-the-art building installed with the latest equipment and comfortable furniture, making your kid’s stay comfortable and fun. The nursery has the best trainers available in Dubai, where each one pays individual attention to kids, making sure everyone learns to give in their 100%.

Are you looking for Best Nursery In Dubai for your kids?

Searching for the best nursery in Dubai seems like a never-ending task. From understanding the curriculum to fee structure, choosing the right nursery for your little one can be one difficult task to accomplish.

This is why, for parents who wish to see their kids grow into high intellects with ability to distinguish between right and wrong, without a second thought get them enrolled in Mosaic Nursery.

Listed as one of the best nurseries in Dubai, this place offers it all. From the best curriculum that consists of activities aimed at towards strengthening the mind and body of the kids to the affordable fee structure, this place will surely not disappoint you!

Mosaic Nursery has the best educators in Dubai that are trained to focus on the individual groom, hence delegating equal time to every student to enhance learning. the institute is packed with modern features and helps your children to get in touch with their creative side. The learning approach adopted by the teachers here is simple yet modern, focused on making learning fun so that children not only have fun but learn new stuff without much effort!

How to Choose a Nursery in the UAE?

Dubai top Nurseries like Mosaic Nursery have an official website that provides complete details and information regarding the curriculum, fee structure, and teachers. Parents can either visit their website or visit the place in person to gather relevant information that will help them in decision making.

How to Choose a Nursery in the UAE?

Mosaic Nursery is a modern-day nursery that aims at making learning fun rather than a burden. This is why, for parents who wish to give their kids a good start, this is the right place, to begin with!

Brighten Your Child’s Future Express Your Interest Today

Every child is special in one way or another, born with abilities that need to be polished and unearthed with time. Both parents and teachers play an important role in helping kids know their talent through great dedication and hard work.

Best Nursery In Dubai

You as a parent might be worried for your child’s future because only the right start can help them jump on the right path and create a brighter future for themselves. This is why, when the kids hit the school-going age, do not think twice and get them enrolled in Mosaic Nursery, a place that promises a brighter future for them.

  • Your Child’s Future is What Matters

Your child’s future doesn’t only have an impact on their future survival chances but also plays a vital role in designing the future of a country. You may either put your highly intelligent kid in a below-average school and let his skills go to waste or get him/her enrolled in the best nurseries in Dubai and create a better world.


This is because these kids, these little minds of today form the future generation of a country who will grow up into intellectual adults and work towards the prosperity of their nation. Thus, when looking for the best nursery in Dubai, choose only Mosaic Nursery because this place handles the “future” with great care and love!

  • KHDA Approved Institution

No institution around the world is allowed to operate unless it follows certain rules and regulations set by a government department responsible for standardizing educational matters. When it comes to the regulation of educational standards in Dubai, The Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) is responsible for it. And for an institution to offer educational services, it needs approval from here.

There are many preschool in Dubai but not every nursery has been approved by KHDA. Amongst all the best playschools in Dubai today, Mosaic Nursery has proudly gained KHDA approval, hence providing quality education for everyone!

This place comes with an objective to make quality education affordable for everyone. Not only does Mosaic Nursery has the best infrastructure and curriculum, but also has the most amazing, professional and highly learned teachers on board to achieve goals that are impossible to reach otherwise.

But what makes Mosaic Nursery the Best nursery in Dubai?

The dedicated staff and strong curriculum!

The coaches and facilitators here do not only believe in going by the books. Rather they have designed a strong curriculum that revolves around the modern style of teaching. Teachers here teach through games and activities, keeping the kids physically and mentally fit and strong while their engaged in having fun all day long!

Your Child's Future is What Matters

For your children to have a brighter future it is necessary to focus on both mental and physical learning and well-being. This being said, Mosaic Nursery pays equal attention to both, helping your child grow confident, stronger and independent. Remember, children who are quick with their moves both my mind and body will survive in the race tomorrow!

Kids Nursery Admissions Tips from Experts

Parents do understand that their children need their attention 24/7 which is practically impossible for them as the modern requirements are a little bit different, therefore nurseries have always come to rescue such parents. Parents for a long time have been keen to admit their young ones in the nursery schools and finding the best preschool or Nursery in Dubai is definitely a dilemma. The whole process of searching, inquiring, deciding on a curriculum for the kids, fee payment methods and schedules, budgeting everything has to be done to serve the sole purpose of sending your kid to a playschool. As tiring as it seems, no parent has this much time to do so.

Here are some genuine tips from the experts who believe and have declared Mosaic Nursery as one of the best nurseries in Dubai. if you are also that melancholic parent in the quest of a good nursery.

What to look for?

1. Seek Kindness: The first and foremost thing one should look out for when submitting their kids to any nursery is their behavior. From the behavior of the principle to the teaching staff to the peons, look out for kindness in them. If they are kind enough to show respect towards one another and help each other n the feeble matters, your kid would definitely learn the basic and necessary manner. And that too would be rooted in their mind forever. Therefore, making your kid a forever gentleman!

2. A Team of Medical Doctors: Kids health is a big deal and teachers are the ones who notice any abrupt change in their behavior that is usually because of some health problem. Therefore, it is necessary to see if the nursery has a child physician who can cater the problem at the time when needed.

3. Extra-Curricular Activities: Kids learn the best from their own experiences. Co-curricular activities along with the curricular activities help build and boost the physical and mental stamina. It teaches them the skill to face the failure and look towards the positive aspects of life. Most of the best playschools in Dubai follow the ritual of arranging such activities for kids and no doubt, Mosaic nursery aces them all.

4. Regular Parent-Teacher Meetings: Make sure the nursery engages the parents as well in their plans and let the parents know how their kid is doing in class and behaving outside the class. Both parents and teachers should sit for a cup of tea and decide for the overall benefits of the children.

5. Good building and Location: Kids cannot learn good when the environmental conditions are not supportive. The suffocating buildings lead to shattering kid’s confidence. Make sure the location of the nursery suits you and your children.

6. Quality Assurance: Mosaic nursery is KHDA approved nursery that makes it the best playschool in Dubai. A proper quality assurance team pays a regular visits to the nursery to ensure kids are having the best of the times along with the quality education. Hence parents can show all of their trust in the institution for the betterment of their children and the society.

Best Nursery Rhymes For Toddlers

No matter how much effort do you put in teaching your kids new stuff as a parent, not everything can be taught them through books. Where every child has a different level of understanding and analyzing information, most little minds are quick at learning through music and games. Yes, that is right! Newest researches have shown that children today shouldn’t be “forced” to learn, rather taught through games and activities that are fun for them!

Best Nursery Rhymes For Toddlers

Keeping in mind the newest approach of learning, some of the best nurseries in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery have proudly designed their curriculum around making learning fun!

Best Nursery in Dubai

Ranked as one of the best preschool in JLT, the teachers at Mosaic Nursery have taken up the responsibility to teach children the basic stuff through music, poems and rhymes. But how can rhymes teach your children anything “good”? Inculcating the idea of basic manners can only be done through kid’s poems.

Here are some rhymes that most playschools in Dubai encourage their young students to listen and learn by heart:

● The Wheels on the Bus

This poem is super catchy. And not just that, but there are various version of this poem available today that basically teaches children sounds of different things. How does a baby cry? What sound does the door make? Open and shut! With putting in much effort, this poem can help your child learn the basic sounds things create around them.

● Head, shoulder, knees and toes

Does your little one find it hard to memorize the names of different parts of the body? Voila! Next time put this poem on his/her tab and watch the kiddo sing along.

● Old McDonald had A Farm

This nursery rhyme never gets old for sure! Mr. McDonald has a huge farm filled with different animals, all making noises every time. Play it on and let your child learn animal sounds the fun way, perfecting the sounds in no time at all.

● Baa baa black Sheep

Catchy and easy to learn, this kid’s poem teaches children that sharing is caring! No matter how much you have, it is always good to share it with others.

● Hello, hello, what is your name?

Struggling to teach basic manners or greeting to your kids? This poem is the best way to ease out things for your little ones.

Nursery rhymes have been around for over hundreds of years, evolving with time in terms of music and lyrics, yet holding tight to the basic idea and lesson behind it. Even a best nursery in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery can sometimes struggle to communicate information to children, because little minds process stuff at their own pace. This is why, understanding the importance of making learning fun, Mosaic nursery in Dubai has successfully adopted the newest teaching techniques, making learning fun for all!

Remember, as parents, giving a little screen time your kids can at time prove beneficial for them in terms of enhancing learning and broadening their perspective towards gaining knowledge.

What should my child know before preschool?

If you’re all set to enroll your kid in a preschool, make sure they are prepared for it. You must be wondering, what are you supposed to teach your children at home at such a small age? Then why enroll them in a nursery when you need to “prepare” them for it?

What should my child know before preschool?

Preparing a child for playschool doesn’t mean teaching them by the books. Rather certain things are not taught at school, which you as a parent need to tell them. Here are a few things that your child should know before preschool:

 Diaper Free baby

Although most play schools in Dubai take children who are still wearing “diapers”, but if you’re enrolling your kid in a proper nursery in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery, make sure your little one is potty trained.


This is because the best nurseries in Dubai have a strict rule of not taking kids that are underage as they believe; burdening them with books at such a young age can slow down development. Hence, if your kid all ready to carry a backpack with books, remember, he/she should be diaper free.

 Know the Social Norms

No one is asking your kid to use a fork and knife like a royal. But what most nurseries suggest is that your children should at least know the basic social norms. First thing first, your kid should be able to stay away from you for a few hours and secondly, knows how to wait for his/her turn and share things.

Well, even if your little one still hasn’t learned it, Mosaic nursery, the best nursery in Dubai will surely find a way to work on it.

They are Organized

From taking permission to use the toilet to know where to throw pencil scrapes and rubbish, children before entering playschool should know such tiny details. What you as a parent can do is make these things a part of their routine, so when they start going to preschool, these little changes won’t create a problem for them.

Recognizing letters

Yes, teachers are supposed to teach your little ones to read and write. But of course, you wouldn’t want your child to lag in class, right? This is why, before sending them off to the best preschool like Mosaic Nursery, teach them something. At least they should be able to recognize a few alphabets and numbers!

Follow Instructions Follow Instructions - Preschools in Dubai

From the very beginning, instill the habit of “listening’ into your kids. Give them instructions and ask them to follow. This is so when they start preschool, they’ll find it easier to listen to the teacher, follow instructions, and get the work done on time.

Mosaic Nursery is one playschool in Dubai which promises to take of your children in every way. They have the best faculty and provide quality education and care to kids who trust them with their future. But even then, as parents, you should prepare your children for this “new” start. Make the transition easier for them so, at the end of the day, they find learning fun and entertaining!

Where Can I Find The Best Nursery In JLT?

Where Can I Find The Best Nursery In JLT?

Heading out on an unknown destination will cost you only time and money. One day, out of the blue, you head to find the best nursery for your kid isn’t going to work. It takes a lot of thinking and research to find the right “fit” for your little one.

◈ Nursery Near JLT

For people living in JLT or nearby areas, there are many good playschools in Dubai that offer quality education. But of course, not all nurseries are the right fit for your baby.

Before choosing the best preschool for your child, one should consider the following things:

  1. Travel Time- Always look for an institute that is near to your residence. Why? Because for little humans, traveling for hours back and to their destination can be very tiring. So, a nursery that is closer to your place will save a lot of time, money and energy.
  2. Professional Management- Only good teachers can produce great students. A nursery with highly trained faculty and experienced teachers will definitely give you the best outcomes, helping your kids grow into greater personalities.
  3. Fee Structure- Providing children with quality education can take a toll on your pocket which can be stressful. So, before choosing an early learning center for your little one, always consider how much you can afford.
  4. Safe Learning Environment- When sending off your kids to a new place, parents wish them to be in safe hands. Go for a nursery in Dubai that offers safe, secure and fun learning environment to your children.

For all those people searching for a nursery in JLT or nearby, you are surely in for a treat!

Mosaic Nursery, one of the best nurseries in Dubai is now open for admissions!

This institute has been ranked amongst the best nursery in Dubai, providing quality education with a fee structure that is extremely affordable for all. Beautifully structured at Fortune Executive Tower, Cluster T, JLT, this play school has quickly earned a good name for itself.

Mosaic Nursery has an amazing faculty consisting of highly trained and experienced teachers, all working closely together to develop little minds into wonderful intellects. They work through a curriculum that meets international standards of education, thus is acceptable worldwide.

The institute offers a secure learning environment for the kids, ensuring their well-being while they enjoy every second of being in the school.  From brightly colored classrooms to huge outdoor play area, this place makes learning fun for the kids.

The aim of Mosaic Nursery is built a strong relationship with their students, earning their complete trust and then working on their development. They include games in their curriculum which focuses at physical development while the class lectures and indoor activities that promote mental and emotional well-being.

If you live in JLT and searching for a play school that gives your child the best head start, choose Mosaic Nursery, because this place works to achieve satisfaction of those who trust them with such a huge responsibility.

Nursery In Dubai Marina

Nursery In Dubai Marina

What makes an early education center the best preschool? It is the dedicated teams of teachers willing give their 100% for the well-being of children who have been trusted with their future by the parents.

Finding a nursery in Dubai that fulfills the criteria of being the “best” can be hectic job. One of course cannot visit every preschool in their vicinity to search of the right one, thus, word of mouth or internet research can help you in the regard.

For parent in search for the best nursery in Dubai, no institute can beat the quality education being provided by Mosaic Nursery.

Nursery in Dubai Near Me

Mosaic Nursery has been training kids under the best teachers for a few years now. Although, as compared to other playschools in Dubai, this nursery is fairly new in the field yet aims at making quality education affordable for everyone.

A set up inside a state-of-the-art building, equipped with modern facilities including an indoor play area, first aid room and spacious classrooms, Mosaic Nursery is a dream playschool. This place does not believe in “going by the book”, teaching through limitations, and creating a tough environment for learning.

Rather, unlike other nurseries in Dubai, Mosaic nursery aims at making education fun. The teachers here are highly knowledgeable and experienced with an approach that revolves around activity-based learning. These mentors design activities according to the children’s level of understanding to make learning fun.

Through this approach, children develop a love for the institute, wanting them to come back every day with a smile on their faces which then allows them to learn quickly and retain more. The trained staff works on every aspect of your child’s personality, nurturing them, taking care of their well-being, and helping them grow.

The best part of Mosaic nursery’s curriculum is that it designs exercises and activities that not only enhance cognitive skills and physical growth but also work on their emotional development, teaching the kid’s to stay put in the most difficult of situations.

What else makes Mosaic one of the best nurseries in Dubai? The affordability! For parents living in Dubai, even both are working hard to make ends meet, finding quality education in Dubai that is affordable is nearly impossible. In times when people prefer luxury over education when families are finding it hard to survive through the weeks of the month, Mosaic Nursery promises to deliver quality education with minimum fees.

You do not have to spend a fortune on your children’s education now. This playschool has a variable schedule which includes classes for newcomers in different shifts with charges that vary. For parents who cannot send their kids early in the morning or find the fee a little higher than what they can pay for, such parents can go for afternoon or evening shifts based on their convenience.

Mosaic Nursery is the name of the trust, a place of education that promises to make learning fun for the kids in an environment that is filled with love, hard work, and care!

Best Nursery in Dubai, UAE

Online Admission In Best Nursery in Dubai, UAE

As most nurseries in UAE are planning to open up after a long lockdown, many parents are out searching for a suitable place for their kids to learn and enjoy. We understand that finding a good daycare and nursery is an overwhelming experience especially in UAE. So, we have gathered some valuable information for parents to help them shortlist a good match for their child.

Dubai is home to a vast majority of expats with a population of approximately 2.7 million. Hence the need of quality institutes is also on the rise. There are many early childhood education centers and daycare that make outrageous claims however, very few of them are actually authentic and trustworthy. Mosaic Nursery in JLT is one of the reliable preschool facilities in UAE which is satisfying hundreds of families every year. Here are all the reasons why we’re one of the finest playschools in Dubai.

Clean and hygienic environment:

Keeping the global situation in mind, the benchmark for all international playschools has been significantly raised. Only the best Dubai playschools are able to keep up with the new norms and Mosaic Nursery is one of them. We understand that the physical and mental health of every concern is a major concern for most parents therefore, we have taken all the precautionary steps to help your child adjust to the new environment.

Proper sanitization of the school facility and awareness of regular hygiene practices among children are ensured by the entire faculty. Teachers make sure that all students are wearing masks and sanitizing their hands when necessary. The classrooms are regularly cleaned and disinfected. All guidelines provided by local health authorities and WHO are being followed at the nursery to guarantee a safe and healthy environment

Fun learning atmosphere:

We love to see happy faces so our instructors make sure that students are educated in a friendly environment. A child should be excited about going to the playschool rather than taking it as a burden. So every effort is made to make them comfortable. As a result, our students develop stronger personalities and grown up to be emotionally intelligent and mentally strong individuals.

Diverse culture:

One best feature of a preschool should be acceptable towards all. Mosaic Nursery has opened its doors for all. No matter what your race, religion, culture, or socio-economic background is, every child is equally important to our educators. Our diversity is what helps us become stronger. Promoting diversity among our students helps them more to be considerate. They learn core values such as mutual respect, compassion, and awareness of self and others.

The plethora of activities:

Our school activities are not only interesting but also never-ending. From art and crafts to STEM education, the curriculum at Mosaic JLT covers every aspect of early childhood education. Not only these activities informative but also very exciting for the kids.

Still skeptical? Why not pay a visit at Mosaic Nursery to see all the fun yourself? Book a tour with us today to make an informed decision about the future of your child. Call us at

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