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Best Nurseries In Dubai – Top Ratings (Parents Reviews)

Best Nurseries in Dubai – Top Ratings (Parents Reviews)

Mosaic Nursery is a best Nursery in Dubai and is perhaps one of the best of its kind within the regional context of Dubai. The institution has been around for a while now and has gained a reputable standing within the community in which it operates. The institution has been the subject of positive reviews as well and has received much in the way of acclaim from various satisfied parents of students enrolled in the Nursery.

Use this Method to Get Your Child to Listen and Behave

Some of these reviews are as following:

1. I think that the first mission of Mosaic Nursery is to ensure the provision of the most qualitatively and standardly elevated of care and education to the preschoolers under the tutelage of its banner. The delivery of these services is absolute and definite irrespective of religion, race, caste or any other difference that might be incumbent among the students. I strongly recommend it.

2. Mosaic Nursery aims to strengthen partnerships with parents that have a stake in their child’s future. Mosaic Nursery tries to include the parents in all of the key decisions that are initiated in order to mold the children in a manner that is mutually acceptable.

3. Mosaic Nursery strives to provide to its students an environment that is safe, comfortable, and amicable. This allows the students to study and revel in an environment that is stimulating, but challenging as well so that it allows students to become stronger on an academic and extracurricular level.

4. It is definitely within the mission parameters of Mosaic Nursery School that novel, ingenious and incredible facilities be accorded to students. This promotes fascination and a zeal for learning amongst students so that they may succeed in all endeavors of academia and social life.

5. Mosaic Nurseries has made it its aim to regard and approach each student and his or her parent, as an individual. To elucidate, it means that the unique structure, faculties and personalities of students and their parents are recognized so that they are treated in a fashion applicable and congruent.

6. I have found Mosaic Nursery willing to the prospect of imbuing each and every one of its students with a measure of confidence that can be considered apt by their elders and contemporaries. Also, students are taught to treat each other with mutual respect and adopt an attitude that is cordial.

7. Mosaic Nursery enhances and promotes personal, academic, sentimental, physical and innovative capabilities of each and every one of its students. They, the students, then realize and attain their potential.

8. Mosaic Nurseries realizes that the key to a sound and integrity opulent nursery is a staff that is competent and able. That is why Mosaic Nursery has made it a priority to recruit and maintain patronage of teaching staff that is qualified and caring. This is because Mosaic Nursery is privy to the knowledge that there is a direct corollary between professional development and optimal reformation of students and highly qualified teachers who can make said development a reality. For me, that makes all the difference.

Best Nursery in Dubai

Being one of the best nursery in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery uses a great deal of visualization in their curriculum because of its effectiveness.

Mosaic Nursery One of The Best Nurseries in Dubai, UAE

Looking for the best nursery for your child? Want an environment just like home for your child?  Is your child a shy kind and you want to make him comfortable with other children? You’ve come to the right place. Mosaic nursery is one of the best nurseries in Dubai where kids feel comfortable and feels at home. The institution has an amazing environment where children feel free to think positive and come up with tiny little innovative ideas. Among many nurseries, mosaic nursery has its own uniqueness in terms of care and education of the preschoolers. The nursery provides friendly learning environment to every child. Parent’s satisfaction is one of the top priorities of mosaic nursery and the institution listen up to their queries with their arms wide open for the betterment of the children. Mosaic nursery have made a very respectful and positive reputation over the past few years in Dubai and people are quite happy with the services provided here.

Best Nurseries in Dubai, UAE

Founded on the basis of the British infrastructure Mosaic nursery is the first British nursery in Dubai. Some of the features which make mosaic nursery the best nursery in Dubai are:

● Safe Environment:

Safety of the children is our utmost priority. The nursery provides protection to the child just like the home. Mosaic nursery makes sure that the child feels protected within the vicinity of the nursery and feel free to ask for help when needed.

● Incredible Facilities:

Mosaic nursery provides maximum facilities to every child so that there would be no hinderance in child’s learning and comfort.

● Competent And Able Staff:

An institution is known for its staff, the people working there. Mosaic nursery is yet again the best in Dubai regarding the staff too. The staff of mosaic nursery is highly skilled. The nursery put a special focus on their training as they are the one’s dealing with the children.

● Effective Curriculum:

To make children capable of thinking productive, mosaic nursery designed its curriculum in such a way that gives maximum learning output. Here, in the nursery not only theoretical education is given to the children but practical education also. Activities are arranged by the mosaic nursery that open children’s minds for problem solving and critical thinking.

● No Discrimination:

For mosaic nursery every child is equal to the other. There is no discrimination of any sort. The institution encourages the kids to be friends with every other kid so that they develop a feeling of love and affection for everyone.

● Parent’s Satisfaction:

Mosaic nursery builds a healthy relationship with the parents. Parents remain in contact with the staff of the nursery. Children’s progress is continuously being shared with the parents and the query section of the nursery is open 24/7 for the parents where they can discuss their concerns.

● Character Building:

Character building is something everybody should focus from the early age. Mosaic nursery put this thing on mind and focuses on the character building of a child. This makes it the very best nursery in Dubai.

Which Is The Best Nursery In Dubai Marina?

Which Is The Best Nursery In Dubai Marina?

Providing the best education to children is the fundamental right of every kid. As parents, one wishes to give their kids a great head start but still, are unable to decide which school to choose for them. When you have a lot of “options” around, the decision can surely become difficult.

The Best Nurseries in Dubai

So, how can parents know which nursery in Dubai is best for their little one? The simple answer is to do your research thoroughly before taking the final step. There are many “good” nurseries in Dubai, but no one can beat the quality of education provided by Mosaic Nursery in JLT. Ever heard of the name?

You sure have!

Here is what makes Mosaic Nursery one of the best British nursery in Dubai:

● Quality Education

Yes, this preschool promises to provide quality education to your kids, a standard that matches international level! Mosaic nursery aims at designing the best early years for your children, setting a base for them that is strong and firm. The curriculum is perfectly designed to meet the mental level of your little one, so that they learn the most without feeling pressurized or over-burdened.

● Friendly Environment and Experienced Faculty

Having teachers that are easy to communicate with, are easy to get along are definitely a blessing! Thus, the faculty at Mosaic Nursery JLT is super fun, knowledgeable and experienced. They not only work to educate children with the basic understanding of the world, but make sure every step of their learning is made fun and enjoyable.

● Advanced Facilities

The building of this preschool may seem ordinary from the outside, but is surely equipped with advanced technology, that facilitate learning. From comfortable classroom environment to fully equipped labs, Mosaic Nursery has set the bar high!

● Fun Filled Learning

As the world is evolving, so is the style of learning. Now, the teachers at Mosaic Nursery JLT try their best to not just go by the book, but introduce new concepts through fun and games. Why? This is because children at a tender age of 5 to 6 years have short span of attention and grab concepts if taught through ways that they understand the best.

● Parent-Teacher Communication

Every parent wishes to be a part of their kid’s educational journey, standing by their side throughout the years. Because providing good education to their little one is what every parent dreams off, keeping a close on their progress throughout the preschool years give a kind of reassurance that yes, they are doing well. This is why, at mosaic Nursery, parents are encouraged to communicate openly with the teachers, discuss the progress of their kids and raise children that become intellectual adults in the future.

Being one of the best nurseries in Dubai, UAE, Mosaic Nursery has always worked towards formulating a promising future for your children because if taught well today, these little minds will grow up to make the world a better place.

Early Childhood Education And Care In Dubai

Researches have shown the importance of early years for a child’s development and growth. Scientists believe, from conception to 8 years of age, children develop physically, emotionally, and mentally, as their learning sphere is widen and absorbs most information.

Best Nurseries Dubai

This is why, parents around the world are always advised to be careful with their kids in this time as whatever they will see and observe, will remain embedded in their brains forever. Hence, this proves as for parents, choosing the right head start for their little ones is crucial.

➩ Early Learning Standards

Living in Dubai, parents may find it hard to reach out for the right educational institute for their kids.


This is because either most of these nurseries in Dubai are super expensive or do not provide quality education. Either way, parents still try their best to look up for a place offering everything well within their budget.

This is where Mosaic Nursery comes in as a savior!

Considered as one of the best nurseries in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery has all that you wish for. From experienced faculty to safe environment, this preschool emphasis on creating a surrounding that promotes learning and skills.

Most preschools in JLT have been standing there for years, promising to deliver quality education and care. But unlike Mosaic Nursery, none has been able to do what they promised. The management here has successfully adopted the modern approach of learning, which not only teaches by the books but aims at mental and physical development.

This British nursery in Dubai has always believed in providing quality education, creating future for the children that is as bright as stars. The teachers here with years of experience put in their efforts to transfer knowledge that will help them grow. This nursery in Dubai is one of its kinds, offering a state-of-the-art structure with modern facilities, so that your child never stays behind in the race of learning.

The management ensures kids are provided with a super safe learning environment under the best facilitators so that they come back happy. This place makes education fun! Children are indulged in activities and games that teach them the basics without burdening them with unnecessary work and books.

➩ Why does the Mosaic Nursery stand amongst other preschools in Dubai?

Why does Mosaic Nursery stand amongst other preschools in Dubai

This is because no other place meets international standards of education like this preschool while taking care of your children. And most importantly, this nursery is affordable for all!

An institution that works on building personality, transforming children into intellects with strong emotional, physical and mental aspects is the place right for your kids! Nursery like Mosaic isn’t like any other ordinary playschool. It is rather a preschool that aims at skill development, preparing your kids what the world holds for them.

Hence, parents who which to give the best early childhood education and care to their kids, mosaic Nursery is the place to choose. Once enrolled here, you’ll be highly satisfied with what this place has to offer in terms of education and care.

Beyond Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care

A fun time is over when a kid starts school, is a common concept amongst the masses. Why? Because most nurseries or preschools simply go by the book and put no effort in making learning fun!

Whereas, Mosaic Nursery in Dubai is one institute that emphasis on making education fun. They have designed such a curriculum that revolves around activities and mind games, all of which make study time enjoyable for toddlers, while teaching them to their full capacity.

Most preschools in JLT surely follow a curriculum that meets international educational standards, but not every British Nursery in Dubai puts in extra effort to make learning time entertaining and joyful for the kids. Hence, this is what makes Mosaic Nursery different from all other institutes.

✦ Languages of Evaluation

Mosaic Nursery firmly believes in teaching children through ways that meet their level of intellect. If your kid is a slow learner, you’ll definitely want the school teacher to take things slowly rather than teaching him/her a million things in one day.

This is what makes Mosaic one of the best Nurseries in Dubai. The faculty here uses different tools to access the mental level of every student who comes them. Various languages of evaluation include a complete and detailed step-by-step process where information is gathered about every student and a plan is designed accordingly.

Preschool in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery have surely set the standards of education high. And thus, they leave no stone unturned to gather complete information of students enrolled with them and who quickly they learn things.

Most nurseries in Dubai are known to follow languages of evaluation but none does it the way Mosaic does. This institute has carefully designed activities that help gather information about a child, labeling him/her as a quick or slow learner. Once the information is with the management, the teacher than design activities that meet the intellect levels of each student, with an aim to improve learning.

How does it help in enhancing learning for your child?

The kid feels unburned and unpressurized to meet up with the standards set by the school. They feel welcomed and comfortable at learning in such a secure environment that promote well-being and individual development.

The teachers here are super friendly who have proudly moved over the bridge of communication causing gap between them and the students. They encourage questions and pay attention to individual students; making them comfortable in their zone and helping them grow at their own pace.

Mosaic Nursery is a wonderful place, an amazing learning center to give your child the best years of early education. It offers high quality education with timings that are flexible, suiting your needs. And most importantly, has a fee structure that can be easily afforded by all. If you’re in JLT or plan to move their, send your kids to Mosaic only and be assured of them being in safe hands, with a future that is promising and bright.

Nurseries in Jumeirah

Nurseries In Jumeirah

Are you having a difficult time in finding the best British nursery in Dubai? Wanting to give your child a great head start is what every parent desires of, this is why, here is a list of the best nurseries in Dubai, where you can enroll your kid with a blond eye:

  1. Mosaic Nursery

Topping the list of nurseries in Dubai is Mosaic Nursery, a preschool that nourishes your child into positive personalities. This early education center in Jumeriah aims at complete development of your child, focusing on their emotional, physical and mental well-being.

It follows curriculum meeting the international standard of education, thus, you’ll know your children are in safe hands. Although new in town, this nursery will definitely exceed your expectations!

  1. Ladybird Nursery

Another leading name in the field of education, Ladybird Nursery was founded in 1996. Since over a decade, this nursery in Dubai has been rated amongst the best preschools in JLT, in terms of both performance and dedicated faculty.

It takes children from an early age of 6 months up to 4 years, designing activities that aim at development at each stage. The activity based learning is what this preschool masters in and to ensure every parent is benefited from their services, the nursery charges minimum monthly fees, making an affordable choice for all.

  1. Kids Spot Nursery

Situated in Al-Wasl, the Kids Spot Nursery is surely amongst the best preschool in Dubai. This preschool wishes to redefine the ways of education by focusing on development and growth of children on all the fronts.

They offer activity based learning, making education fun for children. The faculty is highly experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated towards providing quality education to your kids. Thus, with this nursery in Jumeirah, you know your kids are in safe hands!

  1. Blossom Early Learning Center and Nursery

The Blossom Early Learning Center is one of the leading British nurseries in Dubai at the moment, following international curriculum to ensure your kids remain at the front in the race.

Blossom by Babilou has more than 10 branches all around Dubai, and wishes to be one of the top names in early childhood education. It believes in unity in diversity, teaching kindness to children and building knowledge destinies so that your child moves towards a brighter future.

  1. Jumeirah International Nurseries

Looking forward to give your child a start that is filled with fun and learning? Than head to Jumeirah International Nurseries right away!

This nursery aims at helping your child explore the world through fun and learning, come across their hidden talent and enhance their skills through guidance provided by the teachers here. Jumeirah international Nurseries believes that every child is unqiue, thus they lay great emphasis on making education fun and easy for all.

these nurseries work towards developing skills of your children, keeping their individuality intact and allowing them to question their surroundings, which enhances critical thinking. For the best start of educational years, choose only the best center for your kids!

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