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The Best Festivals In The UAE You Have To Visit

The Best Festivals In The UAE You Have to Visit

Festivals aren’t just limited to the outdoors. Some of the best British nurseries in Dubailike Mosaic Nursery, have also made sure to celebrate each one in-house. What are we talking about? let’s have a closer look at the celebrations that can be enjoyed by your little ones when enrolled in the best British nursery in Dubai:

The Best Festivals In The UAE You Have to Visit 2023

1. Eid al-Fitr

Eid al-Fitr is a special time in the UAE as it marks the end of Ramadan. Mosaic Nursery celebrates this occasion by teaching children about the importance of fasting and prayer during the holy month.

2. Eid ul-Azha

Eid ul-Azha is the Festival of Sacrifice, and Mosaic Nursery celebrates this occasion by teaching the children about its importance in Islamic culture through fun activities.

3. Ramadan

Mosaic Nursery takes advantage of the holy month of Ramadan to teach the children the importance of fasting and prayer. They also prepare special activities and snacks to mark the occasion.

4. Halloween

No Halloween is complete without a little bit of spook! Mosaic Nursery celebrates this holiday with themed decorations, activities, and snacks. Children can also enjoy pumpkin carving or exploring their creative sides by dressing up in costumes.

5. Christmas

The entire nursery transforms into a winter wonderland during Christmas time. From beautiful decorations to fun carols and festive activities, Mosaic Nursery ensures that Christmas is celebrated in the most magical way for all its little ones.

6. National Day

National Day marks the unification of all seven emirates. Mosaic Nursery celebrates this special day with many fun activities, including arts & crafts related to UAE’s culture and heritage.

7. New Year’s Eve

This occasion is always filled with a lot of fun and excitement. Mosaic Nursery celebrates this day with games, music, festive snacks, and activities that get the entire nursery in high spirits!

With these celebrations, Mosaic Nursery ensures that your child feels included in the festive spirit throughout the year and develops an understanding of various cultures, customs, and traditions. So, if you’re looking for a nursery in JLT that celebrates all the year’s major festivals, then Mosaic Nursery is the best choice!

Why are Celebrating Festivities Encouraged By Us?

At Mosaic Nursery, we strongly believe that celebrating festivals and events with the children helps them learn more about various cultures and develops feelings of belongingness.

Celebrating festivities is important for a child’s mental and physical well-being as it provides an opportunity to have fun, bond with family and friends, and develop social skills.

Moreover, at our nursery, we ensure that each festival is celebrated with lots of fun activities and decorations to get the children in a festive mood. Our experienced team ensures that the celebrations are light-hearted yet informative at the same time.

Thus, at our end, we provide a safe and supportive environment for the children to explore various cultures and be proud of their own.

So, enrol at Mosaic Nursery, one of the best British nurseries in Dubai, if you want your little ones to experience all the fun festivities!

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