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Best British Preschool In Dubai, UAE

Best British Preschool in Dubai, UAE

Childhood is all about making great memories and holding back moments that are filled with fun, enthusiasm, and entertainment. You as a parent never want your child to grow up because the thought of sending them away for even a minute can be scary and stressful. But of course, time never stops!

British Nursery in Dubai

Once your child reaches the “independent” age, time when they have learned to use the loo, can eat on their own and converse smoothly, sending them off to a preschool comes as a challenge to be won. Finding the best British nursery in Dubai can be one difficult task because not every preschool is known to provide quality education.

Thus, for parents who wish to send their kids to an institution that is dedicated towards the grooming of young minds, provides quality education under the supervision of the best teachers in a friendly environment, Mosaic Nursery is the right place to be!

The Best Toddler British Nursery

What makes Mosaic Nursery the best institution among all the preschool in Dubai?

It is their detailed curriculum, professional management, and friendly environment. And most importantly, this place has been KDHA-approved!

Unlike other preschools, Mosaic Nursery believes in nurturing young minds. Rather than teaching them by the book, this place has taken up the modern approach of learning, where kids are now taught new concepts through fun and games. The teachers here are highly learned and professional, dedicating equal attention towards every kid so that no one feels left behind.

And yes, the curriculum of the nursery is designed in a way that it proudly covers all the aspects of a kid’s personality, including nourishing them both physically and mentally. This institute provides a serene learning environment, where teachers and students share a strong bond of friendship and trust. The classes are spacious and equipped with modern instruments that ensure absolute learning, making study time fun and entertaining!

British Preschool in Dubai

Well, Mosaic Nursery may seem all fun and games to most parents, but the truth is, there is no other educational institute in Dubai that works tremendously hard to provide quality education. Soon after this preschool got its approval from KDHA, it worked immensely hard to make a name for itself in the world of education, offering services that were beyond excellence.

Mosaic Nursery is a kind of place that has changed the entire concept of “education”. Although following all the standardized procedures and regulations, this institute has been able to make learning easy and fun. Their curriculum might be lengthy but covers all the subjects including activities that promise to develop your children into adults with a stronger base and confident personalities. Mosaic Nursery is just not like your average corner preschool teaching children whatever is written in the book but is the best educational institute that promises to help you develop, grow and prosper.

Thus, if you want your children to build a brighter future for themselves, mosaic Nursery is indeed the best place to start with, today!

About Mosaic Nursery

In the heartland of the Middle East’s cultural and economic capital lies a quiet, wholesome campus where young minds are encouraged to explore the wonders around them. Mosaic Nursery is considered to be a quality-based Best British Preschools in Dubai, built around a model of supportive interaction and cognitive stimulation for children between the ages of eighteen months and four years.

Facilities at Mosaic Nursery

Mosaic Nursery stands out among nursery schools in Dubai with a feature-rich campus that is purpose-built to delight little ones. Kids at our campus love the following things:

Facilities at Mosaic Nursery

Inside the Classroom
Classes are divided into age groups and categorized by color. Each classroom is equipped with child-safe, high-quality furniture and features dedicated areas for interactive early learning center Dubai and playing.

The Gym
It is no secret that children’s motor skills develop at a young age, and here at Mosaic Nursery, a specially equipped gym with various obstacles and play items is available to facilitate physical coordination, gross and fine motor skill development, and intellectual development through play.

On-Site Clinic
A distinguishing feature among the Best British nursery in Dubai is Mosaic Nursery’s on-site clinic staffed by a fully qualified nurse. Children can freely seek any medical help when needed and also obtain health and hygiene education.

Why Early Childhood Education Matters

Understanding the lifelong impact of a child’s first school or nursery is crucial. After all, your child’s first nursery will determine many aspects of his or her behavior and habits later on in life. Research shows that high-quality childcare Dubai at a young age improves the early acquisition of school readiness skills which boosts academic performance later on in life. As a matter of fact, early childcare has a direct impact on subsequent academic achievement well into the teen years, thus having a formative impact on a child’s entire life. With that in mind, it is important to carefully consider the nursery in Dubai before making a choice for your child.

British Nurseries in Dubai – Top Ratings (2019 Reviews)

Attending a preschool or nursery at an early age prepares your kid well for kindergarten and higher classes. At these early educational institutes, children gain decent exposure to alphabets, number and shapes, which help them, form a stronger base for future endeavors.

When it comes down to giving your kid the right start, Mosaic Nursery has been listed as the best preschool in Dubai presently. Although the place is new as compared to other nurseries, the quality of education it provides is far better than what others have to offer.

British Nurseries in Dubai

Mosaic Nursery has the best management, highly trained and experienced staff that promotes individual growth and grooming children into greater personalities. The place provides a secure, friendly learning environment, using the modern approach of learning making sure every child learns at their best of abilities. So, for parents who wish best for their kids, Mosaic Nursery is the place for them!

Top 10 good reasons your child should attend preschool

Most parents seem reluctant to send their toddlers to preschool because it looks like a “waste of time and money”. But in reality, it has uncountable benefits such as:

  1. Promotes mental and physical growth
  2. Help learn and polish social skills
  3. Enhance interaction and communication skills
  4. Allows children to develop a healthy routine where everything is done on time
  5. Children become responsible and independent, learning to take care of themselves
  6. Preschools help children get in touch with their creative side and encourages open-mindedness
  7. Promotes cognitive and language skills
  8. These institutes encourage kids to work as a group, teaching and promoting teamwork
  9. Helps build self-confidence and courage to face the world on their own
  10. Aids in distinguishing between right and wrong, improving decision-making skills

Preschool gives a great kick start to your kid’s educational journey; hence for parents looking for the best British preschool in their vicinity, Mosaic Nursery is the right place, to begin with!

  • Best fun things to do with the preschool kids

Best fun things to do with the preschool

A preschool is just not about having fun and wasting time in unnecessary activities. Rather, early educational institutes like Mosaic nursery aim towards enhancing learning and inculcating worldly knowledge through fun games and activities. Here are some wonderfully creative things that you can do with preschoolers:

  1. Mirror or pot painting
  2. Making clay sculptures
  3. Crafting an interesting story together (helping enhance creativity and promotes open-mindedness)
  4. Scavenger Hunt
  5. Musical Chair
  6. Simon Says (this helps children follow instructions and develop better communication skills)
  7. Making a collage using waste or re-usable items

There are tons of activities that not only keep children engaged for longer but work on various parts of the personality, helping kids grow into stronger intellects with better understanding and polished skills.

  • Preschool Activities for Kids

Mosaic Nursery is one British preschool in Dubai that has successfully taken up the modern approach of teaching that emphasis on using different activities and games to enhance learning. Teachers here do not go by the “book” rule rather believe in making education fun and interesting. Here are a few preschool activities conducted by teachers that are super entertaining yet teach children a lot of stuff in little time:

  1. Finger PAINTING

Although things can get a bit messy but allowing your kids to paint with their hands not only helps in improving sensory skills but allows them to get in touch with their creative side. When allowed to explore, children learn new things much more quickly!

  1. Sorting Items

Place buttons or shapes in front of the kids. Ask them to either sort them out according to shape, color or size. Why? This will improve their focus and teach them to work independently.

  1. Crafting Bookmarks

Wish to develop a habit of book reading in your children?

Motivate them to make their own fun bookmarks and use them while reading their favorite book!

Choosing the Best Child Care in Dubai, UAE

Best British Preschool in Dubai, UAE

In an oasis abounded with all the world-class amenities imaginable, there are many options to choose from. However, when it comes to choosing the best childcare nursery, the decision you take must be made after careful consideration of a number of factors, such as:

  • Number of children enrolled in each class
  • A well-balanced timetable of activities focusing on both physical and mental development
  • Staff development and training at the best nurseries in Dubai
  • Use of technology to prepare your kids for an IT reliant world
  • Indoor play area safe from the desert heat
  • On site medical care

And most importantly:

  • Are the children well adjusted, happy, and socializing or do they sulk around in a corner waiting to go home?

We encourage you to visit one of our campuses to find out the answers to the above questions yourself. Feel free to contact us in order to learn more about choosing a trusted partner for your child’s development in Mosaic playschools in Dubai and the best British preschool in Abu Dhabi.

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