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The Perfect British Nursery In Dubai – Childcare School

The Perfect British Nursery in Dubai – Childcare School

The majority of Young Children these days initiate their education in present times by enrolling in a Nursery Program or a Preschool, one that is attended prior to Kindergarten. These programs are vital because through them the foundation for a stellar and strong education will be laid.

Best British Nursery in Dubai

Best British Preschool in Dubai is a term that is famous amongst parents. The best preschool is often considered to be the one that follows and adheres to the British standards of Nursery education. Biut with so many options in the British preschool in Dubai class, which one should you choose?

To answer this question, we have compiled together a list of those qualities that you should look for in a British Preschool that construe to the latter being the best. But with so many options to choose from, finding the right nursery program or preschool can be challenging. These qualities can be elaborated as follows:

  1. Must-Have Good Repute:

The most effective and common channel through which the option for best British Nursery is made is that of the word of mouth. Good publicity however can only be acquired if the repute of the organization in question is peerless and immaculate. So, if you want to decide upon the best Nurseries In Dubai for your child, make certain that you opt for the one that evinces the best reputation of them all.

  1. Comfortable and Cordial Environment:

Children respond more effectively and acutely if they are studying in an environment that is defined by cordiality and comfort. That is why, only those British Nurseries that embody said qualities should be contacted and eventually chosen from because if the child isn’t happy, then what’s the point of all the exertion.

  1. Competent and Passionate Staff:

The faculty plays an integral and generally irreplaceable role in any educational institution. This role is that much more pronounced and prominent in the context of a Nursery school. What sets the British standard nurseries apart is their ensemble of competent and able staff that can engage the students with passion and an amicable approach. That is why the presence of competent and passionate faculty/staff should be high on your list of things to consider when looking for a Nursery for your child.

  1. Learning Through Experience:Learning Through Experience

Children learn better through experience and innovative methods. The British Standard Nurseries that adopt such techniques for child education are usually the best. Go for Institutions of the sort that practice activities like arts and crafts, dance, music, playing outdoors, exploration of the natural world, writing, drama, reading and so forth to educate their students.

  1. Child Compatible Amenities:

The campus and its encompassing facilities are what really tip the scales in favor of a nursery. Often, the nursery that houses the largest array of amenities that is beneficent for your children ends up becoming the final choice. These include multimedia equipment, toys, screens, books, on campus clinic etc. to name a few. Always opt for the British standard nursery  that possesses the largest number of these facilities.

How Do You Find The Best British Nursery in Dubai, UAE?

Our kids become our first and foremost duty as soon as we become parents. Every other thing just becomes secondary when it comes to children and their care. Wanting to give the kids the best of their early age times and a strong basis to grow into the world is the biggest wish of every parent. Gone are the days when only one parent’s earning was enough to run the complete household and the other would take care of the kids. Now, as the times have changed, not only parents have to opt for good nurseries for their kids but also make sure that the nurseries are suiting their child or not.

How do you find the best British nursery in Dubai

There are quite many British nurseries in Dubai and choosing one for your kid is definitely a tiring thing. But we’ve sorted the hunt for preschools in Dubai for you and made a list of what to look for and what not to look for when you are signing up in any nursery.

  • What to Look for in a Nursery

Choosing the best nursery for your kids is definitely not an easy task, here is what you as parents should look for in a good nursery:

1. Mental Space

When it comes to children, we prefer you look for those British nurseries in Dubai that allow your kid to think, to explore his own mind and is not afraid to put out in the world his perceptions. This is the key trait that lets children grow into outgoing and generous human being later in life.

2. Good Manners over Anything

Choose a nursery that displays good manners. Children tend to learn the behaviors more quickly than the words. Therefore, a place that exhibits manners and discipline is important.

3. Meaningful Fun Activities

Almost all of the preschools in Dubai follow the idea of fun along with studies. No doubt, its very important but here’s a little difference; choose that one for your kid that study with fun! The perfect blend of such activities into the educational needs makes both the learning and fun on, which eventually keeps both children and teachers happy and satisfied.

4. Experienced Staff

Do not let your kids out in the hands of non-experienced staff. Experienced staff can better understand the children when it comes to hearing them out.

5. Wide and Open Environment

Look for that British nursery in Dubai that is vast and airy. Mostly, the outdoor classes help little children learn better. Moreover, this makes kids believe that learning is not superimposed on them but it’s their own will to learn and be creative!

  • What NOT to Look for

Well, you might look at aspects that make a nursery the best amongst all. BUT consider other factors which most parents are likely to look over, including:

  1. Overly Expensive

There are so many British preschools in Dubai working in different areas charging exceptionally expensive. We recommend you to not opt for the one that is extremely expensive or promotes the “Rich kid” culture.

Thus, when it comes to the best nursery that is affordable, Mosaic Nursery is the right place!

  1. Far Away from your Work

Choosing the one that comes on the way to your work helps a lot for parents, teachers and the kids themselves. Kids have a sense of security that whatever happens to them their parents can reach within time and lessen their worries. Similarly, it also gives a sense of closeness to parents as well.  Above all, it’s very economical.

Top 5 Tips to Choosing the Best British Nursery in Dubai

Choosing the Best British Nursery in Dubai

Seeing your children nurturing in an environment that invokes positivity in them brings an immense pleasure among parents. But the real task is how and where to find such school for your kid. We have seen many kids unable to attend nursery schools only because their parents were indecisive about any one nursery and could possibly not show enough trust to send their kid to any of the nursery.

Best British Nursery in Dubai

The mosaic nursery has been serving its purpose since 2013 and is pronounced as the best playschool in Dubai.

To ease this hard job, we have made a list of top 5 features to look for while choosing the most competent British preschool in Dubai for your kid.

◈ Registered with the Ministry of Social Affairs or KHDA(Knowledge and Human Development Authority): The registration of the nursery with the government authority is very important. This way the whole curriculum is under the observation of a higher authority and the state is indirectly responsible for the upbringing of the child. Therefore, better precautions are taken by the nursery to meet the requirements. Hence, overall quality of education improves.

◈ Spacious Building: The airy and spacious building help in boosting the children’s mental abilities and allows them to think creatively and without any bounds. The open spaces provide kids a platform to create and experience by learning, by winning and by losing.

◈ The behavior of staff and already enrolled students: The practices of a place determine how much fruitful its efforts would be. These practices can be seen in the form of behavior, habits and routines followed by people who work there or the students who are already enrolled. If they are manifesting good manners it is pretty easy for the coming child to adopt good manners too, and that too very easily.

◈ How your kid will avail the learning opportunity here: With different activities planned be it indoor or outdoor, the learning opportunity for every kid is unexplainable. Every kid is given proper time according to his speed of learning. This surely makes Mosaic nursery the best nurseries in Dubai.

◈ Fee packages: The fee packages vary according to the different age groups as their classes differentiate with one another. To make sure that every kid feels himself privileged the fee structure is designed in a very moderate way. Most of the parents, having a pretty good job in Dubai can afford the nursery for their kid.

Not only this but Mosaic nursery is best at making children feel safe. The staff is loving, caring and is given special training to deal with the toddlers. Children are provided with the healthy meals according to the plans adjusted by the dieticians. The yummy meals at Mosaic are always enjoyed by the kids. Many parents who claim their kid never eats at home, is seen eating a healthy meal with his fellow at Mosaic, which indeed is a wonderful sight to see. Parents and staff work in harmony for the betterment of the kid, which is the ulterior motive behind any nursery in Dubai.

Looking For The Best British Nursery In Dubai?

Looking for the best British nursery in Dubai?

Kids grow up fast! One day your holding your newborn for the first time in your arms, and the other you watch them running around the house like crazy little monsters. Yes, they grow up and so, do their needs!

Once your child hits the age of 3 or more, it is high time to put on your shoes and research! Research for what? The best British preschool in your vicinity! Although the decision may seem a small one, but remember, this will leaving a lasting impact on your child’s future, making or breaking it. Hence, choosing the right nursery in Dubai is definitely not an easy task.

● Best British Nursery Near Me Best British Nursery Near Me

Well, the matter of fact is that, 4 to 5 years is still a tender age, an age when children are still exploring the world, gaining experiences through life’s adventure. This is why; sending them off to a school that is far off is not a very good idea. If you’re looking for a British preschool in Dubai providing quality education and a safe environment, here are some tips that will definitely help you narrow down your options:

1. Closer to your place

Children at such a young age have every right to stay closer! There are many playschools in Dubai that are excellent in terms of education and environment but if they are far away from your place, it isn’t feasible to send your kid there.

best British nursery in Dubai


Because they’ll have to wake up early in the morning, travel for a good hour to reach their school and may take even more time to return home. This can make the kids tired easily, so, it is always advisable to go for a school that lies in your vicinity.

2. Standard Education

Providing quality education to your little one is priority of every parent. Hence, if you’re looking for the best nurseries in Dubai, especially in JLT, than Mosaic Nursery is the “place”!

This British Nursery in Dubai has perfectly constructed curriculum, matching the education standards on an international level. The faculty here is highly educated and experienced; ensuring learning is made fun for the kids.

3. Comfortable Environment

Mosaic Nursery is one playschool where kids love coming back to. Why? The super friendly teachers create a comfortable environment for these little minds, making learning interesting, fun and enjoyable.

The faculty has successfully adopted the newest approach for learning, which allows them to teach through varies activities, giving education a fun twist. This is why, children feel comfortable sitting in classroom and learn to the best of their abilities.

● The Best Playschool

Finding an ideal playschool for your kids can be difficult because not every nursery is established with perfection. But when it comes down to Mosaic Nursery, this British Playschool tries it best to tick all boxes that makes it one of the best amongst all. Cordial environment, quality education, and experienced teachers, you name it and this place provides it all. So, for people living in JLT or nearby, Mosaic Nursery is your place!

What Do Children Learn in a High-Quality Preschool Program?

What Do Children Learn in a High-Quality Preschool Program

Most playschools in Dubai have been established to provide quality education to kids. But what are the set standards of education for children, is different for every institute. Children belonging to a middle-class family are forced to go to a playschool that compromises on quality, just because their parents cannot afford the “good” schools. But then again, the fee structure of a preschool does not determine how good or bad it is.

Just like Mosaic Nursery is considered one of the best nurseries in Dubai, offering quality education but doesn’t charge an extra penny for their wonderful services. Thus, when choosing a preschool for your little one, remember, a high-quality program will have a positive impact on their development, both mental and physical.

  • What do children learn?

Sending your children off to school means you want to give them the exposure of the surrounding. Mosaic nursery, a British preschool in Dubai aims at preparing your kids for what the world holds for them. They work on different aspects of the personality so that your child transforms into a stronger and intelligent adult all set to rule the world.

Here is what high-quality program at the nursery in Dubai teaches your little ones:

 Motor Skills

Physical play is a part of every curriculum in every British Nursery in Dubai. Why? This is because most schools believe in the physical development of children along with their mental stability. Activities like skipping, running, climbing, painting, puzzles, etc work on improving the motor skills of the kids. These games strengthen muscles and build stronger bones, thus, helping the child grow healthier.

Social Skills

You wouldn’t want your kids to be labeled as ill-mannered, right? Teaching the basic manners along with social interaction is what Mosaic Nursery; the best British preschool pays special heed to. From asking sharing stuff to following instructions, high-quality preschool programs will teach your kids everything that will make them a good citizen of the community.

 Cognitive Skills

To survive in today’s competitive world, remember, your child should know the difference between right and wrong and most importantly, make their own decisions. This is what good preschools aim at doing. They polish the skills of your child, enhance the decision-making skills through activities, and encourages curiosity. This allows the children to strive to gain new information and find answers, improving brain functioning.

 Reading and writing

This is of course a crucial part of growing up. Good playschools will always teach children to read and write independently, know their subjects, and learn through fun activities.

High-Quality Preschool Program

Most nurseries in Dubai are extremely expensive, making it difficult for parents to afford it. this is why Mosaic Nursery provides them with a chance to enroll their kids in an institute where education meets international standards yet is light on the pocket.

Every kid has the right to study from a good school! With Mosaic Nursery well within your budget, enroll your children in a high-quality preschool program without worries!

Best Early Learning Centers & British Nurseries in JLT

Best Early Learning Centers & British Nurseries in JLT

Early education plays an important role in designing your child’s future. The right start can take them way ahead in life, while one wrong decision can hold them behind.

This is why, when talking about early education for your kids, choose only the best British preschool in Dubai like Mosaic Nursery.

Play schools in Dubai

Dubai is one big city, filled with modern facilities of entertainment and fun. But of course apart from all the shine and glamour there, this city offers quality education for your kids.

For those living in JLT or nearby areas, here is a list of the best nurseries in Dubai, where your kids are ensured to grow into intellects with a promising future:

  1. Kids Kingdom Nursery School

One famous nursery in Dubai right now is Kids Kingdom Nursery School. This institute offers the EYFS curriculum which focuses on mental, social and physical development of the kids. It also offers daycare services for parents who hold full-time jobs.

  1. Mosaic Nursery

It not be one of the oldest in the fields of education but is surely one of the best British Preschool. From experienced and highly trained staff to a safe environment, Mosaic Nursery believes making learning fun for all! They use the modern approach of learning which includes activities both physical and mental that ensures proper development of the child. And most importantly, their charges are very affordable.

  1. Baby Home Nursery

Why make education a burden for little minds? If you’re looking for a preschool with lots of learning based activities and fun environment, Baby Home Nursery is the place to look up for!

  1. Paddington Nursery

For all the JLT residents, Paddington Nursery is right next to you! This British Nursery in Dubai takes children from ages 45 days to 4 years without hesitation. This place prepares them for early educational years by teaching the very basic stuff in a fun and happy environment, while talking care of them in every possible means.

  1. Dewdrops Nursery

Another popular play school in JLT which offers quality education. It follows the EYFS program, promising mental, physical and social development of your kid. If you think your 4 year old is socially awkward or your 3 year old has speech delay, send them here and see the change!

  1. Four 2 Four Early Learning Center

This is one great choice for parents looking to develop mathematical skills in their children. This early education institute has brightly painted rooms to attract the kids and focuses on developing literacy and mathematical skills through a strong curriculum.

If you know what you’re looking for in an institute, finding the right early learning center for your kid isn’t difficult. Especially for people in JLT, Mosaic Nursery makes one fine choice! It has all you would want in a “great” play school to give your child the best head start. Visit them now for a quick tour and you’ll instantly know that this place is the “right fit” for your little one.

Emirates British Nursery Reviews

Emirates British Nursery Reviews

Emirates British Nursery is the best British nursery in Dubai. It was established back in 2000 and over the two decades, the nursery has grown both in terms of education and childcare.

The quality of education and childcare this place provides has gained it a place amongst the best nurseries in Dubai today. But, is it a British nursery or a preschool? The difference may not be much among the two terms, but the nursery itself follows a curriculum taught under flexible and friendly environment.

What is the difference between nursery and preschool?

The only major difference between a preschool and nursery is that a preschool has a set curriculum for teaching taught by trained, professional teachers within a fixed time frame.

On the other hand, a nursery has more flexible hours and curriculum. The kids are given a friendly environment and taught through activities according to their level of understanding to make learning fun. Although the teachers here too are knowledgeable and experienced, because a nursery does not have a set curriculum to follow, the charges are less than that of a preschool.

Over the years, Emirates British Nursery has proved itself to be the best British preschools in Dubai. Through its dedicated staff and quality, this nursery in Dubai has been able to grow and establish more branches throughout the city including Midriff, Motorcity, The Villa and Dubai Silicon Oasis. The only motive behind opening up more branches is that this preschool wants to reach out to more families that worry about sending off their children to nurseries that charge more but teach nothing.

This British preschool in Dubai has always worked on the development of children in every way. One of the best playschools in Dubai today, Emirates British Nursery not just focusing on giving information but works on enhances cognitive skills along with working on the physical, mental and emotional growth of your children.

This place firmly believes in designing an environment that is safe and fun for learning. The teachers act as mentors and facilitators to help children get through the day happily, making sure they learned something new during their stay at the center. The early childhood education center focuses on instilling honest values in kids. That is not only are they taught through books for world information but are also taught the right code of conduct, basic manners, and the difference between right and wrong.

Emirates British nursery is a preschool offering a complete package for your kids so that with fun and play, they grow up into responsible individuals with stronger minds and personalities. The fee structure of the place is available on their website. Finding an institute providing such quality education in a place like Dubai at such affordable fees is hard to find!

When it comes to your children’s safety, well-being and nurturing, Emirates British Nursery can be trusted with a blind eye. This place is magical, making your kids fall in love with it while taking care of their educational needs.

The Best British Nursery in Dubai, UAE

The Best British Nursery in Dubai, UAE

Nowadays, a number of children start their education in either a nursery program or a preschool in Dubai before kindergarten. These early childhood education programs offer countless advantages that will lay the foundation for a great schooling in the future. However, finding the best option is a challenging task for parents especially when there are a variety of options available.

As a new parent, it is very important that you look beyond the well-designed architecture and the high tuition fees of the institute when hunting for the best nursery school for your kids. It is always a good idea to take the final decision after careful research and learning practical facts about that particular nursery school. To make the process of choosing the right preschool or nursery in Dubai a little easier for you and your family, we decided to summarize some of the most important qualities that the Best Nurseries in Dubai.

A Good Reputation

Although it should not be the only factor that parents need to consider before they select a particular nursery school in Dubai, the reputation of the nursery does pay a key factor during your school hunt. A playschool only develops a positive status when they have a comfortable and welcoming environment for both their students, visitors, and staff. That’s why it is very important that you take a rational decision when you have visited the school campus in person.

Inspiring Curriculum:

Most British nurseries in Dubai have adopted modern technology and incorporated new teaching strategies in their curriculum for a stronger foundation. This involves an emphasis on environmental and practical learning techniques. Manu preschools have designed their nursery curriculum to encourage children to participate more in physical activities. These activities allow kids to learn new things every day. Look out for such a school to make sure your kid doesn’t lag behind in this brave new world.

A Professional Staff:

Qualified yet caring teachers should be a priority. No matter how beautiful the campus looks, it’s the staff and administration that makes an institution worthy. The trainers in a good Dubai preschool should be passionate about their profession and should be able to provide love and support to kids in such tough times of a global pandemic. A teacher in a preschool should always be polite, patient, and understanding as they handle children from various socio-economic backgrounds.

Warm And Comforting Environment:

Preschools are one of the first experiences of children away from both the home and their parents’ care. Therefore, It’s essential that both parents and students feel secure and comfortable with the institutes as well their staff. A wrong environment can cause much more stress and anxiety among children which can have a serious impact o their personality.

Hence, it’s always a good idea to visit the campus while school is in session so that you can see firsthand how the preschool facility works. In case an in-person visit is not possible due to social distancing measures, register for a virtual tour, which many British nurseries in Dubai are now offering.

Call us today at 04 425 6670 to experience one of the best british nurseries in Dubai.

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