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Benefits Of Private Or Independent Schools

Benefits of Private or Independent Schools

Dubai is the city of expats with diversified culture and ethnicity that is witnessed in all walks of life even when choosing the preschools for your kids. The parents usually look for the preschool that depicts their own culture or somewhat similar to the place from where they belong to.

British Nursery

In Dubai, the public schools are for the Emiratis where they follow the Ministry of Education (MoE) curriculum. For the expats, there are several private or independent schools that follow a variety of curriculums.  Even the Emiratis prefer Best British preschools in Dubai for their kids as they offer a better bilingual curriculum which opens up the opportunities for kids in the future compared to the kids of public schools who can speak Arabic only and can’t read and write English at all which is really important for higher education.

Moreover, the private preschools enroll kids from diversified cultures, so the kids learn to respect the differences and enjoy and nurture in the same environment while the public schools have kids who belong to the same cultural background so the children don’t have the concept of world cultures over there.

Coeducation Environment

The private preschools have a coeducation environment so the kids are usually more broad-minded and comfortable with the mix gender culture of education that helps them when they apply for higher education in any other part of the world.

British Early year foundation stage (EYFS) is a high-quality curriculum which is different in a way that it is not predesigned or structured. The teachers design the activities as per the child’s interest in certain material, activity or as per his capabilities. It is based on exposure, experiments and encourages critical thinking. The role of teachers in private preschools is pivotal as they work really hard on each and every child.  

Private Schools

Private preschools focus on learning and development of kids through lots of energetic activities to keep them involved throughout the day. It also offers flexible school timings, so you can select the timings that are convenient for you and your child.

Private preschool keeps the parents updated about the status of their child’s education. As they believe that parents play equally important role in the betterment of their kids so they regularly share the progress report of the child.

Private schools focus on health and safety of kids. There are strict pickup rules and they don’t allow walk in meet-ups with the kids. Some private preschools also provide afterschool Child Care in Dubai and serve a nutritious meal that is completely healthy and safe for the children.

The children of private schools are more disciplined as they get punishment if they don’t act well-mannered, fight or misbehave with other kids or teacher.

British EYFS Learning

Mosaic Nursery is one of the best preschools in Dubai that provides high-quality education in really affordable prices. It follows the British EYFS learning method where the kids learn through lots of experimenting under the supervision of highly trained teachers. Some major facilities of Mosaic include a baby proof gym, swimming pool, indoor and outdoor play area, and many more. There are plenty of learning centers in the classrooms which include math center, ART center, role-play center, literacy center, building block and much more.

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