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Being Adopted – The Lifelong Search For Self By David M. Brodzinsky

Being Adopted – The Lifelong Search For Self By David M. Brodzinsky

Author: David M. Brodzinsky, Ph.D.

Additional Author: Marshall D. Schechter, M.D. & Robin Marantz Henig

Being Adopted – Book Summary

Being adopted is a beautifully described and a detailed book about the process of adoption. The book itself was published in 1992 however the valuable information and advice it carries is helpful and meaningful in the present day. It’s a Psychology book which sheds light psychological theory and is specifically aimed at adoptees. It seems like the authors of this book did a thorough research to help adoptees adjust and learn about a life changing experience of their life.

Being Adopted – The Lifelong Search For Self

The book is divided into multiple sections. The prologue consists of all the important information about the main reason why writers decided to put this masterpiece together in the first place. It clarifies the context of writing and the main purpose of this book. Apart from the prologue, there are three different sections which focus various growth and development stages of man’s life as they age.

In the first part, The Adopted Child, talks about life changes from infancy to adolescence. Part Two, The Adopted Adult, discusses psychological changes and development experienced by an individual during its adulthood. Part Three, Conclusions, sums up all the different time periods that an adoptee passes through. The book is written very well and helps a layman understand child psychology. The teachers and trainers at Mosaic Nursery, one of the best nurseries in Dubai, encourage parents to read this book in order to understand new terms and theories related to adoption and adoptees.

The book is full of real-life examples which can inspire readers. These authentic examples portray a practical image of challenges faced by people involved during the process of adoption including client, children and related families. The authors have described both positive and negative aspects of adoption beautifully. The relation between birth mother and adoptee is also touched however the main focus was still the adoptee and their adoptive parents. So, it would be fair enough to say that almost all topics were covered related to adoption. Being Adopted – The Lifelong Search For Self, is an essential piece of adoption literature that every adoptee and adoptive parent should read once in their life. We give it a five-star rating and highly recommend you to give it a read.

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