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Basic School Regulation For Preschool

Basic School Regulation For Preschool

Mosaic Nursery is the best British preschool in Dubai that provides quality education and child care service in safe and healthy environment. The highly trained staff constantly strives to provide best learning experience and child care in Dubai through fun-filled activities.

Here are the basic school regulations for preschool that a parent should know in order to support and cooperate with the school management.

Contact Information:

We keep a record of your information for emergency situations; kindly inform the management if you have changed your phone number and address.

Label The Belongings

Kindly label all the belongings of your child with name, class and section. The belongings include water bottle, copies, books, bag and even the sweater.

Parent-Teacher Conferences:

We conduct these conferences to inform you about your child’s progress. You should always attend these meetings to remain in contact with the teachers. You can talk about your queries and concern during these meetings.

Take an appointment if you want to meet the teacher to discuss any concern.

Punctuality and Regularity:

Kindly send your child regularly and ensure punctuality as it makes a stable routine of a child which is important for his learning and development.


Due to high-security issues, we don’t send kids with everyone. You have to notify it prior and get permission from the administration department for early pickup. Mention the name of a person who will pick up the child other than parents and the timings of early pickup.


Kindly don’t send the toys at school. We provide the toys at the nursery that are highly safe and productive. These toys are difficult to share with other kids and may end by broken while playing.

Personal Hygiene:

We don’t compromise on personal hygiene of kids. Kindly send your child in neat and clean clothes every day. The kids with lice and other contagious conditions are not allowed in the school premises until the management assures that the condition is properly treated.

Check the home-work diary:

Kindly check the home-work diary every day and sign it to acknowledge. We usually share upcoming notifications and agendas with parents. Kindly send the diary back every day.

Field trips and educational visits:

The school notifies the parents for the upcoming field and educational trips. Kindly sign the circular voluntarily if you allow your child to visit the mentioned places. If you want to accompany your child, kindly notify prior so that we will accommodate you as well.

Lunch Boxes:

Kindly send healthy lunch boxes if you are sending lunch from home. We don’t allow high sugar content lunch to kids as it is really unhealthy. Please don’t send nuts and deep-fried items. You know well what is unhealthy for your child and what your child is allergic too. Kindly plan the lunch boxes accordingly.

Viral and sickness:

If your child is suffering from viral or any other sickness, kindly inform the school and keep your child at home until he is perfectly well, as it can harm other kids as well.

If you have any questions or queries, you can always make an appointment and visit the “Mosaic Nursery in Dubai”. Your suggestions are highly welcomed.

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