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An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Dividends

An Investment In Knowledge Pays The Best Dividends

Considering our children the crops of our future, we need to provide them with the best of the nurturing possible. Educating our forbearers is one of the key factors in their upbringing. The parents in the current era are more considerate not only about providing education but providing their children with the best resources present for their schooling.

Pre schooling is the foundation on which a child’s lifelong learning is based. Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum can prove to be the best option for your child’s early years of school learning, this curriculum has a regular baseline assessment system in which your child makes use of his prerequisite knowledge from experiments and exposure from the environment which helps him understand things more clearly. Apart from that they focus on the creative side of kids like Arts and design as well to ensure that the child gets a better understanding of the real world.

Preschools in Dubai mostly focus not only on a child’s cognitive skills but alongside that they help your child develop a sense of leadership and skillful learning. Some of the best British preschools in Dubai that offer great faculty members alongside state of the art infrastructure and follow the British EYFS curriculum are listed below;

1. SAFA Early Learning Center:

They are one of the best nurseries in Jumeriah, Dubai serving since forty years in the educational field. They follow British EYFS curriculum. Their educational activities involve more exposure and playing as they give high importance to physical well-being of kids. Investing in your child’s early years of education can be a great payback in future therefore they don’t focus on just academics; but work on the overall well-being of your child.

2. Kangaroo Kids Nursery:                

 Kangaroo kids in Al Safa, Dubai offer many facilities like temperature controlled swimming pool with on duty lifeguards, cookery classes, sensory learning and most important of all they have facilities for children with special needs . They can provide your child with the best of the foundation possible for their skillful upbringing and co-curricular development. 

3.Toddler Town Nursery:                            

Toddler Town in Jumeriah, Dubai offers EYFS curriculum with high-class infrastructure with numerous outdoor activities, which makes learning fun for students. They focus on sports activities as well and having an indoor activity station as well as a riding track makes them stand out for the co-curricular activities.

4. Mosaic Nursery:         

Mosaic nursery in JLT Dubai has established its name among the best nurseries of Dubai in such a short time period with child-led learning activities designed specifically as per kid’s interest. The teachers are cooperative and friendly. The working parents can opt for afterschool day care facility. The school is beautifully designed to attract the kids to learn and explore. The classrooms are spacious with at least seven learning centers. Facilities include baby gym, age appropriate rides and equipments to keep the kids physically active throughout the day. The clinic has all the necessary first aid facilities with a nurse to deal with an emergency situation at school. We would highly recommend all the parents living nearby JLT to visit Mosaic Nursery for high quality education is reasonable fee structure.

Above given are few of the very best nurseries in Dubai. Investing in the pre schooling of your child ensures a bright future and a great foundation on which his lifelong learning experiences can be based, so enrolling your child in one of the best schools in Dubai for pre-schooling will not only help them get in better higher education institutes but will help them know their direction for future. This will help them know their interest from the very beginning of their educational training. Hence investing in your child’s pre schooling can provide greater outcomes.

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