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An Environment That Inspires – Mosaic Dubai Nursery School

An Environment That Inspires – Mosaic Dubai Nursery School

Mosaic Nursery School is a quality child care kids Dubai Nursery that has much to offer to its patrons. This Nursery evinces an opulent and enriching curricular program that comprises of stimulating courses that are complemented by other stimulating activities ranging from arts, language, movement, dance and music. This is a nursery managed by experts who have years of valuable experience to their name. The nursery allows for child development along with early education through provision of a precise student centered approach, child to staff ratio of the lower size, excellent safety and health based standards, and a meticulous acclimatization process.

There are a number of our facilities and points that set us apart from the others. This kids best nurseries in jlt has in store a large number of attractive amenities. These can be listed as following:

  1. Safe & Secure Environment:

Children are precious. That is something that we know and that is why we strive to induce within our overall policy an approach that confirms security and safety for our students. Our Nursery and all of its sites have been built while keeping this integral point in view. Our children can play and study in a setting that is safe and secure, free from any danger. Parents can rest easily knowing that their children are safe and secure in an environment not only academically invigorating, but sound from an extracurricular basis as well.

  1. Large Outdoor Play Area:

We have a large outdoor play area where the children can relax and really let themselves go after enriching studying sessions. This is something that most nurseries don’t have and the students have to play within the confines of the indoor quality. We believe that children can only develop properly if accorded the right of playing outdoors. That is why we have spent considerable expense towards this aspect.

  1. Fun & Engaging Activities:

Singing, Dancing, Arts and Crafts, Painting, Movement classes are just some of the many fun and engaging activities that Mosaic Nursery in Dubai offers to its students. The objective of these activities is nothing more than positive and beneficial reinforcement of the students so that they can indulge their studies with increased vigor, enthusiasm and concentration. That is because once the students have had the fun that they require and need so much; they end up feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready and willing to tackle any challenges that teaching has in store for them.

  1. Mosaic Schedule and Fee Structure:

Here at Mosaic, the schedule for classes is one convenient and in accordance with the demands of the parents, and the needs of the students. From class timings to holidays, everything has been laid out in an organized manner here at Mosaic Nursery because it is our mission to make things as facilitating and convenient as possible for our students and their parents. The Fee Structure of Mosaic Nursery is fair, even by the standards of present, and affordable. We believe in accessibility of Education and we wish to extend that access to students of all circles.

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