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Admission Open For Preschool – Kids Academy

Admission Open for Preschool – Kids Academy

It’s the time of the year when parents are anxious about the admission of their toddlers and gathers information from all sources regarding the nursery schools in Dubai. This article is helpful for parents who are interested in information regarding the best British nursery in Dubai. If you are first time parents and concerned for the admission of your child that don’t worry it is not as daunting as you think. All you have to do is to be a little more proactive regarding the admission dates, procedure and eligibility criteria, etc.

As admissions are open for British nurseries in Dubai, here is all you need to do;

  1. Start the hunting process:

Start visiting the preschool that you have already shortlisted. For that you have to be really proactive, you can’t wait for the admission to open and then collect relevant information, learn admission policies and their requirements. If you have missed the admission date of the nursery in Dubai that you were interested in, then don’t freak out, enroll your child their waiting list. Meanwhile, look for other best options.

  1. Look for authentic recommendations:

Gather information regarding the procedure and requirements of the preschools you have shortlisted from authentic sources. Ask your family members and friends whose kids study in the same school that you are interested in your child. Visit the selected preschools on open day festivals to observe the environment personally.

  1. Be prepared:

As admissions are opened so you can visit the preschools to get more information that you couldn’t find on their websites. Prepare yourself and do some homework before visiting the preschool, as it’s the admission season so the staff might be so busy to answer the irrelevant questions or the information that is already present on their website. Be specific and ask as many relevant questions as possible.

  1. Don’t compromise on your priorities:

Understand your priorities like if you both are working parents then you need to look for preschools that offer after-school daycare facility so don’t waste time in searching for schools that don’t offer this facility. Your priority can be the values you want your child to have, look at whether or not the school has the same set of values. Decide the curriculum you want your child to study. If you want the British curriculum than don’t confuse yourself, just shortlist the preschools that offer early year foundation system framework.

As the admissions for the nurseries are open in Dubai, parents are running after the admission of their kids in the best nurseries with awards and accreditations. The parents are ready to pay an exuberant amount to get their kids admitted to the renowned preschools of Dubai. Relax! It’s not a race as who gets the admission and who failed to get the admission. Just look for a decent nursery that has a safe and happy environment and nurtures your child with love and passion.

Our Recommendation:

We would recommend the Mosaic Nursery JLT Dubai, a high-quality yet affordable preschool with an after-school childcare facility. Parents who want their kids to opt the British curriculum should visit this preschool as their admissions are open. They are providing high-class facilities at really affordable fees and the fee structure is flexible as per the days and timings you select. The teachers are humble and the staff is super cooperative. The environment is stimulating for kids to learn and explore through fun-filled activities. They believe that kids learn more through playing so the teachers have designed activities that involve more fun so the kids come to preschool every day with a smile on a face.


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