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Activities For Children With Autism

Activities for Children with Autism

Upon hearing the word “Autism” most people think it is an illness that makes your kid mentally paralyzed for the rest of their lives, which is not true of course.

When a child is diagnosed to be under the spectrum of Autism, it only means you have to teach them “differently”. Not sending them to school or depriving them of the basic knowledge is just not right!

Many preschools in Dubai cater to the special needs of children with Autism. And yes, Mosaic nursery in Dubai to encourage parents to let their “specially-abled” kids study and lead a normal life.

Can you send them to the best nurseries in Dubai? Of course, you can because today, most Dubai preschools have hired a teacher who deals with children with Autism and equipped accordingly.

How to Teach Children with Autism

What both facilitators and parents need to understand is that one needs to be gentle with kids who fall within the spectrum of Autism. There are a few basics that you need to follow when teaching these special kids.

What are these? Read on to know more:

  1. Provide a Relaxing Environment

Kids with Autism tend to get anxious over small things. Rooms with bright light or colors may even make some of them uneasy. Thus, what best preschools in Dubai do is make the environment calm for them.


Teachers are advised to use light colors and fewer posters on the walls of their classroom to decrease sensory overload. This helps the children relax and connect easily.

  1. Be Patient

What parents and teachers need to do as a priority is to remain patient with children with Autism. Why? Because unlike an average kid, they learn slowly, pick new knowledge slowly and take time to process it.

What you can do is hold their hands and guide them through the learning process. If you’re teaching them to write an alphabet, do not shy away from holding their hands and helping them through. It is crucial to remain patient with them and not bombard them with knowledge.

  1. Incorporate Visual Aid

It is important to make learning fun and easy for the special kids, thus what you can do as an educator is to opt for a visual aid to enhance learning.


Design activities, use play cards, or draw things to compliment your statement because children who are special find it easier to learn through what they see and retain the information.

  1. Teach Social Skills

Kids with ASD are shy of the crowd and hence find it difficult to befriend new people. Thus, when in a classroom what teachers can do is to encourage communication between children. Design and conduct activities that encourage them to speak and interacting with one another and hence develop the confidence to face the world on their own.

Autism isn’t a disability! Children diagnosed with are just a little “different” hence when teaching them; you need to go for a different approach that is best suited for them.

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