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5 Fun Activities To Teach Your Child Sight Words

5 Fun Activities To Teach Your Child Sight Words

Parents and educators are always looking for ideas and fun-filled activities that will allow children to enjoy their time but also help them learn something constructive and useful. According to some researches, things learned from fun-filled activities have a great impact and are supposed to have a more lasting impression on the brain of a child as compared to simple learning methods. That is why the best nursery in Dubai believes in adopting this way of learning instead of a traditional method.

Sight words are the high-frequency words. Most of these words are learned by sight and cannot be easily sounded out. Preschools in Dubai use hands-on activities to build a better recognition mechanism in children for these words.

5 Fun Activities To Teach Your Child Sight Words

Following are the 5 fun activities that you can do with your child to help them understand sight words in a more better and enjoyable way


It is like a new spin on the traditional old tic-tac-toe game. Instead of using a symbol, the children have to pick a sight word and use it in the game. By doing this they have to write the word repeatedly on the grid. This will result in them reading that word multiple times. By doing this the recognition of the word will start to build up.


This is also a fun way to teach kids about sight words. Take plastic cups and write sight words on them by sharpie or print the words and stick them on the cups. Now ask the children to read the words out loud and stack the cups with the same word to make a tower. This will help them to recognize a specific word while searching for the cups with the same word.


For this game, paint a set of Popsicle sticks and write a sight word by joining the set. Make several sticks like that and mix all of them in a box. Now, ask the children to match the puzzles by providing them a paper of all the sight words that the puzzle have and ask them to solve it. The children will have to look in the sheet and repeat the word multiple times as they will be searching for it in the puzzle.


Every child loves a superhero and what a better way than to include the thing they love in their learning process. For this activity, write sight words on a folded index card and arrange them on the table. The children will take turn and read the sight word. If they are correct then they will get to smash the index card with their favorite super hero figurine. In the end, the kid who smashes the most words will win.


This activity is like a crossword but in a more colorful way. A random assortment of alphabets will be arranged on the learning table. The kids have to point out sight words in them by circling the words by a removable board marker.

At Mosaic Nursery teachers try their best to include games that help to improve the senses of kids, making them stronger and sharper.

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