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4 Types Of Learning Styles: How To Accommodate A Diverse Group Of Students

4 Types of Learning Styles: How to Accommodate a Diverse Group of Students

It is rightly said that children learn from observation. What you as a parent or teacher do will design their personality. Thus this is why, being one of the best preschools in Dubai, Mosaic Nursery tries to teach them through ways that is easy and increases learning.

The Different Learning Styles

Children are quick learners. But to ensure they gain the maximum knowledge out of something, both parent and teachers must understand their learning styles. And thus, this is what exactly the teachers at Mosaic Nursery, the best nursery near me do!

Most preschools in Dubai go by the old school rule, teaching by the book. But when it comes down to Mosaic Nursery, this institution has set aside the traditional styles of learning, rather adopted a much clever approach that has helped it manage diverse group of student with ease.

Hence, what are the different learning styles? Here are the 4 basic ones:

  1. Learning by visual

The is one of the most common practices taken up by most Dubai preschools. And yes, it has been around since one could even think of. Learning b visuals include gaining knowledge through the use of charts, pictures and colorful graphics.

Like if your child isn’t able to grasp the concept of what color is an apple, the teachers at Mosaic Nursery in Dubai will show them a picture of “red apple”, or a real apple to clear the concept.

  1. Learning b Sound (auditory learning)

This involves use of sound and music. How to teach ABC to children? The easiest way is to sing the ABC song and the children will learn it in no time.

For children who learn more through sounds, the teachers at Mosaic Nursery in JLT try preparing songs out of everything and sing it to the children. Not only is it fun but enhances learning too.

  1. Kinesthetic learning

Mosaic Nursery believes in including games for improving learning and this is what exactly kinesthetic learning is. Kids are given different activities to do, thus every game teaches them something different.

  1. Reading/ Writing learning

Apart from all the above, books are of course a crucial part of the curriculum. Many kids learn through reading books or practicing it concepts on their copies and so, teachers at Mosaic Nursery make them practice!

Accommodating a Diverse Group of Children

What makes Mosaic Nursery one of the best nurseries in Dubai is it teaching practice. To ensure every child is accommodated equally and no one leaves without gaining proper knowledge, the educators here have adopted a teaching style that covers all the 4 learning styles.

They teach through books, they make children play games, show them objects to identify and sing songs to make learning more fun. This way, every child leaners through ways they find easy. Hence, Mosaic Nursery only aims to make learning fun and easy for everyone!

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