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30+ Activities For Preschoolers – Mosaic Fun For Boys And Girls

30+ Activities for Preschoolers – Mosaic Fun For Boys and Girls

Keeping your little human busy throughout the day is really a tough job. Here are some amazing fun-filled activities for kids at Mosaic Nursery, JLT Dubai that keeps your kids busy in productive activities. There are lots of preschools in Dubai but Mosaic nursery is one the best nurseries in Dubai that nurtures the kids and makes learning more fun for kids.

Here are 30+ fun activities for boys and girls at Mosaic Nursery;

  1. White/ BlackBoard:

Let him draw on the whiteboard with the erase marker or simply chalk and a blackboard.

  1. Wooden Blocks:

Kids love to play with blocks, get some wooden blocks.

  1. Stickers:

Draw the first letter of your child’s name on a paper and give him/her stickers of their favorite cartoon character.

  1. Playdough:

Kids these days are crazy for play dough. Get some plastic molds to teach patterns, shapes, animals, human body parts, etc.

  1. Magnetic wand activity:

Fill a jar with water add magnetic chips. Boys find this activity more fun. Introduce the concept of magnetic and how it attracts the metal. Let him search for more magnetic things from the house using the magnetic wand.

  1. Sink and float:

Introduce the concept of sink and float by putting the water in a tub and give him few items and let him explore.

  1. Puzzles:

Give the basic peg puzzles if you don’t want to assist because it has a picture and kids can make it easily.

  1. Beads activity:

Girls at Mosaic Nursery enjoy this activity more. Give a plastic rod or simply a pipe to put the beads on it.

  1. Spray bottle:

Give a spray bottle with water to have some fun time.

  1. Play with Magna-tiles.

Kids can use their imagination and make lots of things from Magna tiles.

  1. Ice eggs excavation:

Put any safari animal like dinosaur in a balloon and fill it with water. Tie the knot and freeze it overnight. Cut the balloon when freeze, then take a container and put the ice eggs and give them a dropper with warm water to drop it on the ice egg and take out the animals from the egg. It keeps the kids involved for good forty minutes.

  1. Sensory Play:

Use corns, rice, cotton, shredded paper, textured balloons etc to create a theme. The themes may include Beach, farm, digging for worms, etc.

  1. Indoor Bowling game.
  1. Lego:

Give challenge to build a number, alphabet, shape, build a car, something you like to eat, animal etc.

  1. Pretend play:

Give real stones, sticks, toys, etc and let them create a story.

  1. Splatter painting:

Give balloons, paints and a card sheet and let the kids enjoy in the backyard.

  1. Make paper kites:

Make your own kites.

  1. Seashells craft:

Paint the seashells, make collage, shell puppet etc.

  1. Miscellaneous items:

Give leaves, stones, stem, flowers, etc and ask them to line up from largest to smallest.

  1. Sorting activity:

Put lots of items and ask them to sort.

  1. Scavenger Hunt:

Fill the bucket with items with something green, a stick, something round, something smooth, rough etc.

  1. Muffin tin activity:

Put paper cups in muffin tray, write the beginning letter and give lots of items from the house. Ask him to put the thing that starts with the letter written.

  1. Story-telling jar:

Put objects and prompts and ask your child to make a story.

  1. Zen Tray:

Put rice, and paint brush in a tray and let them relax and stay calm.

  1. DIY tent:

Make a tent for kids to relax, play and read in a tent.

  1. Busy Bags:

Put the things that your kid loves. Like Pom Pom, Blocks, Crayons, stickers, papers, etc.

  1. Mess-free painting bags.

Get mess free painting bags and let the kids enjoy.

  1. DIY laser maze:

Make a laser maze using a crepe paper and let them enjoy indoor.

  1. Alphabet Bingo:

It is a fun game for letter recognition.

  1. Painted Rocks:

Ask your child to use imagination and make something from painted rocks.

The kids really enjoy learning at Mosaic best Nursery in Dubai, Visit the nursery for more information.

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