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12 Great Educational Tips For Kids And Parents

12 Great Educational Tips for Kids and Parents

British nurseries in Dubai follow the Early Year Foundation System (EYFS). This curriculum is different from other teaching methods. It does not follow any planned guidelines or pre-structured teaching method. The philosophy behind this curriculum is that every child has inimitable capabilities that are supposed to be identified and groomed by the facilitators. In order to do this, the teachers design vivacious activities that stimulate the kids to learn and develop through playful manner. As a parent, you can also contribute a large amount in the development of your child.

Here are the twelve great educational tips for kids and parents shared by Mosaic Nursery, one of the best British Nurseries in Dubai. By following these tips you may witness a gigantic difference in learning and development of your child.

1. Read With Your Child

Good reading skill is an asset of a child. At Mosaic Nursery in Dubai, we have a reading and a storytelling session, where a teacher tells the kids different stories, discusses the characters in the story and asks kids to interpret the story through pictures.

Tip: Toddlers love to hear bedtime stories. Even the same story can keep them occupied for many days. Get some good story books and show them the importance of books and reading. They learn from repetition of the same story. Try to build a character sketch in their mind. Ask them questions. Teach them a moral.

2. Make Math Fun

The Rudimentary math skills that kids learn during their early childhood years set the basis of their entire academic career. At Mosaic Nursery, kids learn simple math concepts and its application with fun-filled activities.

Tip: You can make geometry interesting by involving your child to cut different shapes of snacks. This way they can easily recognize different shapes.

Take them to the grocery store; compare the prices of different candies. This way they can learn the sense of money.

Give them pebbles of different colors and ask them to sort them. This will teach them different patterns and their relationship.

Teach them measurement. You can do this by taking three different sizes of glasses and put rice in it. Ask them to arrange these glasses according to their sizes. They will learn the concept of measurement as well as the concept of big or small.

3. Cognitive Skills

The environment in Mosaic Nursery is stimulating to develop the cognitive skills of kids.

Tips: As a parent, you can improve the cognitive skills of your kid at home by incorporating few activities in your daily routine to improve their memory, attentiveness, and observation.

Ask questions from the daily routine. Which dress do you want to wear? What do you want to eat? Why we need to stay quiet when someone is saying his prayers. These kinds of questions let them use their cognitive skills

4. Creative Thinking

At Mosaic Nursery JLT Dubai, the display boards are brimming with the drawing and painting of kids to encourage their creative thinking.

Tips: As a parent, you should always encourage your kid’s creative thinking and never ever discourage it. You can paint with your kid to promote the creative abilities of your toddler.

5. Make Science Interesting

At Mosaic Nursery, the teacher design fun-filled experiments to make science more interesting for kids.

Tips: At home, teach them the concept of floating and sinking by asking them to put their plastic toys in the water.

In the kitchen, perform baking soda and vinegar experiment with them and make it more exciting by adding “Tang”.

Teach them about animals by taking them to the zoo.

6. Build Gross Motor skills:

The teachers at Mosaic Nursery plan activities that promote gross motor skills of kids.

Tips: To improve their balance and strength simply ask the kid to clean up the toys from the room. Promote games that include jumping and climbing.

Put a nursery rhyme and ask them to perform on the rhyme.

7. Communication Skills:

The teacher in Mosaic Nursery, focus on effective communication skills of children.

Tips:At home, you can encourage your child to speak slowly and pronounce a word properly. Refrain from interrupt your child when he tries to complete a sentence.
Play games like Show and Tell, storytelling etc.

8. Linguistic:

At Mosaic Nursery, the curriculum is multilingual.

Tips:Don’t worry; your child won’t get confused if you both speak two different languages at home. The child has the capability to grasp as many languages as he is exposed to. He can even learn third language that is used in school as a way of communication.

9. Social Studies:

Mosaic Nursery covers all aspects of a child’s development and learning. The kids learn about the world and the countries. The kids belong to different backgrounds so here they learn how to get along with each other with love and care. Teachers resolve conflicts between the kids and teach them the concept of sharing, caring and loving unconditionally.

Tips:You can take your kids to your relatives or to the neighborhood to teach them about community.

You can ask your kid to help you in cleaning the house and tell them it’s our duty to keep our city/ country clean.

When you take the child to the neighborhood park, teach him to wait for his turn on the swing.

10. Enhance Sensory Learning:

The activities at Mosaic Nursery are designed to stimulate the child’s senses.

Tips:At home, you can do simple activities to stimulate the senses like (Sense of touch) ask her to bring cold water from the dispenser versus stay away from “Hot” water, (Sense of smell) Good smell of Chicken nuggets or bad smell of garbage, (Sense of sight) see flowers in the garden, (Sense of hear) hear the sound of car horn and (Sense of taste) lemon versus the taste of chocolate.

11. Get Involved:

Whether it is parents-teacher meeting, an open day or sports day; participate in all the functions. Show that you care for your kid. The teachers don’t get annoyed if you ask relevant questions.

12. Make your child independent:

Expect more from your child. Ask him for small help to pass things, help in cleaning the messy toys, throw the wrapper in the dustbin etc. Don’t make him totally dependent on yourself.

A toddler is full of brimming energy which should be utilized in a productive manner; their curious minds should be diverted towards creative thinking and exposure. This is the best time when they learn new languages and acquire new skills. As wonderful and easy it sounds, we can understand how challenging it is to capitalize the high energy level of a toddler. Hope this article is beneficial for you and gives you educational tips for your tot!

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