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10 Tips For How To Choose A Preschool For Your Child

10 Tips for How to Choose a Preschool for Your Child

Choosing a preschool for a child is such a daunting phase for most of the parents. Parents across Dubai, just relax! Here is all you need to know on how to choose the best British preschool in Dubai.

The key to selecting the best preschool depends on the core idea of what you want your child to learn, experience, and what values you want your child to have. There are lots of preschools and Child Daycare Dubai but here is all you need to know what actually constitutes to be the best early learning center for your child and your family.

How do I choose the best preschool for my child?

  1. Answer the basic questions:

Before choosing a preschool you need to answer the basic questions to yourself;

  1. Whether the preschool is nearby your home or workplace
  2. If it’s not nearby, Will you be able to provide pick and drop to the child easily or if you want to opt for a school bus, will it be a feasible option for your pocket?
  3. If you both are working parents, does the preschool provide child care service?
  1. The Curriculum:

After answering the basic questions and narrowing down the choices now you need to identify what type of curriculum you want your child to study. There are several learning methods. Some of the most common learning methods in Dubai include The Montessori approach, the Reggio Emilia approach, the British Early Year Foundation system (EYFS), Waldorf Approach, the American system, etc.

We would suggest you opt for the British EYFS curriculum as it is easy and more fun to learn. It is not predesigned. It is a child-centered approach, the kids are taught in the way that suits them best.

  1. Ask from Parents:

After deciding the location of the school and the curriculum, the next step is Research. Look for the recommendations of various schools from parents, friends, and family members. Ask questions like are you satisfied with the school environment, what curriculum do they follow, Is your child likes the school too? Are the teachers and the staff cooperative? What is the teacher to kid’s ratio? Collect as much information as possible.

  1. Do your own Research:

Search the preschool website for getting the basic information. Join Facebook communities where parents talk about preschools, their experiences, appreciation, and complaints regarding the preschool. Look for any useful advice or suggestion you can get.

  1. Visit the Preschool:

After collecting all the information, now visit the preschool to have first-hand experience. Trust your instincts if you find something weird.

Observe little things like do you feel the environment is welcoming? Does your child feel excited over their? Does he find classrooms attractive? Do the staff and teachers answer your queries happily?  How is the teacher communicating with the kids? Is the environment safe, clean and healthy for your child to study there? Observe the attitude of other kids at the school. Are they happy and comfortable?

Hence, there is no definition of a perfect preschool, the best is one that keeps your child happy and prepares him to excel in his academic life. We would recommend you to visit Mosaic Nursery, JLT Dubai as they have high-quality childcare service with a comfortable environment, British curriculum, and highly trained teachers.

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