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Outdoor Play Area

The Outdoor Play Area is a purpose built play centre designed to provide an exciting, challenging and stimulating experience for Early Years children up to the age of 5 years. Enclosed outdoor play area provides children a safe way to explore a range of outdoor activities. It is furnished with equipment for physical play, sensory play and imaginative play and designed to give children the maximum space to be able to move freely.

Gym Area

Exercise and physical activities play an essential part of children’s health and wellbeing. Music and Movement allows each child to express themselves freely whilst learning rhythm and dance.

Classroom For 3-4 Years

The classroom for children aged 3 – 4 years provides a very special educational play environment. The rooms have been especially designed into activity zones. There are zones for Imaginative Play, Creative Play, Constructive Play and Language. The children will have access to every zone under the guidance of our teachers. It has been equipped with age appropriate resources to enhance the development and stimulate young minds.

Classroom For 2-3 Years

These classrooms have been designed to cater for the wealth of experience a 2 – 3 year old needs to follow. It is the age of discovering and opportunities are available in each classroom for a child to develop independence, an ability to interact in a group as well as furthering cognitive growth and intellectual curiosity. The classrooms also facilitate and encourage the development of each child’s creative capabilities.

Classroom For 12-24 months

Our 18 – 24 months classroom provides age-appropriate toys, freedom to move around and opportunities to learn through doing. The classroom is designed to cater for quiet play, active play and group activities. Although 2-year-olds still have a limited attention span, most are ready for short bouts of teacher-led activities. This 18-24 month olds classroom provides a mixture of structure and choice.


Our library is a place where children are encouraged to explore and enjoy stories as well as develop their creativity through music and dance. Providing children with this speacialised space further develops and enhances their opportunities for growth across all areas of learning. The Interactive Smart Board is a valuable addition to encourage children to watch and participate in educational programmes.


Day Care

Our day care for children aged two to four years is managed by a qualified teacher with many years’ experience in Early Childhood development. Your children can safely play, eat and sleep in a secure and stimulating environment. A qualified nurse is on hand every day to ensure that health and safety standards are met.

Afternoon Class

Our afternoon class caters for a mixed age group, two to four years. The program is designed to meet the developmental needs of each child. The class room and play areas are equipped with furniture and materials specifically intended for use by young children and are set-up in a creative way to stimulate children to explore, discover and experiment freely. Our curriculum emerges from the interests and ideas expressed by the children and our individualised approach to learning prepare our young learners fully for the next level in their academic journey.