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Mosaic Promise & Team

Mosaic Promise

‘Mosaic Nursery will ensure that every child entrusted to it is nurtured to develop and grow as a willing and enabled learner. We will achieve this by working closely with families, providing the right environment, a rich curriculum and high quality teaching. Just like creating a beautiful Mosaic, we bring together all the essential pieces for children to succeed in reaching their unique and full potential.’

Mosaic Mission

‘We shape young minds so they can pursue highest levels of academic and professional excellence and become role models for their communities.’

Mosaic Vision

“We will become the most respected brand for early education across the GCC through rigorous implementation and continuous development of our MOSAIC of child development”.

Mosaic Team

Mosaic Director

Thalia is responsible for leading the team and implementing the Mosaic vision. This includes ensuring that the nursery environment is safe, stimulating and nurturing. Thalia ensures that the curriculum is delivered in such a way that the children’s curiosity is ignited, making them active and independent in their learning. She is responsible for making certain that the team deliver the Mosaic Promise, so that all children receive the best possible care and education, allowing them to reach their full potential.

Operations Manager

Noor ensures all parents are welcomed into the Mosaic spirit and responds to queries. She plays an important role in ensuring the smooth running of the Nursery, monitoring resources and helping maintain the operational aspects of the nursery. She is also responsible for liaising with parents on the initial registration process, fee payment and documentation.


Cecelia is a registered nurse with the Abu Dhabi Health Authority and is attendance each day between 8am and 6pm. Cecelia spends much of her day helping in the various classrooms so that the children become familiar and are happy to visit her in the nursery clinic, should the need arise. She keeps the children’s medical files updated and administers medication if required. As a Nurse, she also plays an important role in the management of infection control, allergies and intolerance’s.



Amber Class – Topaz Class – Aquamarine Class – Amethyst Class  – Opal Class – Emerald Class

Teaching is at the heart of Nursery life and children develop closest bonds with their teacher. All Mosaic teachers have a passion for early year’s education, experience and a commitment to delivering the creative curriculum with great energy and enthusiasm. Teachers work closely with parents in settling children into class and developing an individual care plan. They are accessible to parents each day but also offer more formal teacher / parent conferences and provide written reports on progress at the end of the academic year.