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Mosaic Nursery Fee Structure

Here at Mosaic nursery, we understand that each family has its particular set of needs, and therefore, we provide a range of schedules to suit different routines. Parents have the option of choosing from the following nursery, half day, full day, and afternoon schedules. The fee for each class option is different, and can be chosen from one of the following options from fs1 Schools in Abu Dhabi.

Mosaic Nursery offers competitive nursery fees in Abu Dhabi

Early childhood education is one area that makes a positive difference in the lives of children at a young age. Children are like sponges during their transformative years, and the habits and training they pick up at a young age will last a lifetime. The United Nations has included early childhood education as a universal priority, and made it a part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

fs1 Schools in Abu Dhabi

Putting a price on such an important, transformative experience for your child is secondary to quality and the positive impact in the long term. Preschool in Abu Dhabi offers competitive nursery fees in Abu Dhabi in various packages, and a fully customizable schedule to suit every family’s needs.

Term Calendar

Term calendars at Mosaic nursery are built keeping in mind each family’s individual needs and requirements. The autumn term generally begins in September and lasts a period of three months, winding up in December.

After a brief break, the spring term starts in January and lasts till March. The summer term begins in April and ends in July. This year, the spring term began on April 8th and ended on July 5th.

Mosaic Nursery Calendar 2017 – 2018

Autumn Term 2017

  • September: 10th
    Term begins
  • September: 22nd
    Islamic New Year *
  • November: 30th
    Martyrs Day *
  • November: 30th
    Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday *
  • December: 2nd & 3rd
    UAE National Day *
  • December 14th
    Last day of term

Spring Term 2018

  • January: 2nd
    Term begins
  • February: 15th
    Mid-term break
  • March 22nd
    Last day of term

Summer Term 2018

  • April: 8th
    Term begins
  • April 13th
    *El Esra wa Al Miraj Day
  • June: 14th – 17th
    Eid Al Fitr *
  • July 5th
    Last day of Term


The level of flexibility in terms of the daily time schedule and weekly attendance, along with competitive nursery fees in Abu Dhabi make Mosaic nursery one of the best Nursery in Abu Dhabi. As a parent, you can truly choose a tailor made schedule that will keep your little one occupied without keeping him or her tied up away from home for too long.

Registration Fee

  • Admission Registration; AED 1,000
  • If your child is transferring from another nursery, Mosaic Nursery will not charge Registration fee.

Fees are subject to change.

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