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JLT Dubai 02 677 8797 Ground Floor, Shams Boutik (next to Sun Tower), Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi

As a leading play school in Abu Dhabi, Mosaic Reem Island Nursery offers a curriculum embedded in the latest scientific research and designed to give your child all the tools for future success. Kids enrolled at Mosaic play school in Abu Dhabi experience an enriching journey with a focus on the following ten areas:

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Social-Emotional Development

Social Skills Development

Emotional and social development is crucial for children to interact with others and develop the interpersonal skills that are much sought after in adults. Exposing children to an open environment, where they are in touch with their emotions at a young age is the perfect way to equip them with relationship building and team working skills.

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Physical Development

Physical Development

The old adage, “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy”, is now supported by the latest scientific research. Physical development is a major stimulus for emotional and mental growth, and here at Mosaic Nursery Reem Island, we encourage kids to explore the physical world. A dedicated program helps improve children’s motor skills and hand to eye coordination. With a dedicated indoor gym and an enclosed child-safe outdoor play area, our students achieve key developmental milestones earlier than their peers – and parents!

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Linguistic Development

Linguistic Development

Clear, concise speech with a neutral accent is the hallmark of success when it comes to public speaking, interviewing, and presentation. The staff at Mosaic nursery in Abu Dhabi helps nurture that perfect accent, clear annunciation, and perfect pronunciation that make your little ones even more adorable.

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Higher Thinking Order Skills

Higher Thinking Order Skills

An important part of a child’s cognitive development is going beyond simple memorization and rote learning. One of the main goals of our staff is to teach higher thinking order skills to enable children to understand, infer, connect, synthesize, evaluation, and apply information from different events and sources to a particular situation.

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Reading and Lifelong Learning

Reading and Lifelong Learning

Many parents these days wonder why their little ones are glued to screens most of the time instead of picking up a good book and reading every once in a while. Kids enrolled at Mosaic Nursery are encouraged to read and write on a regular basis in order to instill a love for the wonderful world of literature. A dedicated library with age appropriate books and art and crafts material is accessible by all of the students.

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Honing Mathematical Abilities

Honing Mathematical Abilities

First hand exploration is crucial to develop strong mathematical concepts. Children are taught to solve questions of appropriate difficulty through play, by interacting with objects of different shapes and colors to develop basic concepts of problem solving, numerical reasoning, and mathematical skills.

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Focus on STEM

Focus on STEM

In order to prepare your young one for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), Mosaic Nursery utilizes an interactive learning model. Kids are encouraged to explore and experiment and then build knowledge through their sensory experiences. This adds the dual benefit of engaging children in scientific learning and developing the inquisitive nature required for scientific research.

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Social Studies

Social Studies

Social studies are crucial for kids to develop a basic understanding about history, geography, the climate, and various other happenings in the world. Children at Mosaic Play School in Abu Dhabi develop disciplinary knowledge, thinking abilities, and research skills through social studies.

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - Exposure to Arts, Culture, and Community

Exposure to Arts, Culture, and Community

In order to instill a strong sense of community and increase awareness about culture and society, our children are encouraged to share their unique traditions, stories, and experiences with their peers. This approach, called emergent curricula, gives kids the freedom to learn about their own interests, making them active stakeholders in their own education.

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi - English Language Emphasis

English Language Emphasis

English has become a true global language today. Recognizing that our kids come from different backgrounds and have varying abilities when it comes to speaking, understanding, writing, and reading the English language, Mosaic nursery schools in Abu Dhabi offers a curriculum specially developed for second language learners in order to support kids from all nationalities.

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