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JLT Dubai 02 677 8797 Ground Floor, Shams Boutik (next to Sun Tower), Al Reem Island, Abu Dhabi
About Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi

About Mosaic Nursery

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Mosaic Nursery in Abu Dhabi

– Preschool in Abu Dhabi:

Fs1 schools in Abu Dhabi, As a trusted partner in early childhood education in the UAE, Mosaic Nursery offers a unique network of child-centered campuses specially designed for your little ones. Mosaic nursery in Abu Dhabi is conveniently located at Sun and Sky Towers complex at Al Reem Island, easily accessible from all over the city and surrounding compounds.

Nursery Schools in Abu Dhabi

Best nursery in Abu Dhabi: Mosaic nursery follows a British curriculum with an emphasis on immersive learning. The team here understands that young children are like sponges when it comes to learning and every new experience, event, and word they learn can be an investment for a successful future.

What We Offer

Why Children & Their Parents Choose Us

Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi Classrooms
Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi Outdoor Play Area
Outdoor Play Area
Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi Library
Mosaic Nursery Abu Dhabi Gym

Our Promise

British Preschool in Abu Dhabi

Nursery schools in Abu Dhabi: It is no secret that in an increasingly competitive global environment, experts in their particular fields are faced with cut throat competition and the need to go the extra mile for success. Success in life is not cultivated only at university; its roots lie in the initial education a child receives and the habits that mark his or her upbringing.

Preschool in Abu Dhabi

Equipping your child for success in the twenty first century means relying on dedicated professionals to help him or her enhance their social skills, and mental and physical abilities. This not only allows children to fully explore the amazing world around them, but also prepared them to take advantage of all opportunities that come their way.

British preschool in Abu Dhabi
The best nursery in abu dhabi

Why Choose Mosaic Nursery?

The Best Nursery in Abu Dhabi:

Scientific research indicates that children benefit the most from quality preschool programs that provide an interactive environment and encourage learning through play. Here are just a few standout benefits for your child when you enroll at Mosaic Reem Island Nursery in Abu Dhabi:

– Child Centered Campus:

Best Nurseries in Abu Dhabi, Mosaic nursery is built around the most important individual: your child. Children are divided into different colored classes by age to ensure they interact with similar kids. Classrooms have different interest areas that support activity based learning. Read more…

Our Values

Our Philosophy & Mission

Nursery in Abu Dhabi

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

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What Parents Say

Thank you Mosaic Nursery! I like the atmosphere here, it’s always fun and the teachers are friendly and kind.. I am glad my little girl is here.

Anushka’s Mummy

My husband and I toured a lot of nurseries in Dubai and nothing felt like the ‘right fit’ until we toured Mosaic. Once we walked in we knew at once we were home. The teachers and the entire staff are so kind, warm, caring and passionate about what they do. You can see and feel this. My son who is 3 cannot wait to go to school to see his teacher and all of his friends.

I know the education he is receiving will create a great foundation for his entire future. I have recommended the nursery to many friends, we are happy with our decision to send our son to Mosaic.

James’s Mummy

My son loves being at Mosaic nursery. Every morning he is racing me to the door and the car to take him there. No wonder he likes it with so many colourful resources toys, cheerful activities and joyful team.

Sikandar’s Daddy
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