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Reem Island 04 425 6670 Fortune Executive Tower, Cluster T JLT

Our Classrooms

Classes are divided into different age groups and designed accordingly to meet children’s differing needs, abilities and stages of development;

    • Pink Class;
    • Yellow Class;
    • Red Class;
    • Purple Class;
    • Green Class;
    • Blue Class;
    • 1.6 year – 2 years
    • 2 years – 2.4 years
    • 2.4 years – 2.8 years
    • 2.8 years – 3 years
    • 3 years – 4 years
    • 3 years – 4 years

Each classroom is equipped with high quality furniture. Resources are age appropriate and designed to enhance development and stimulate young minds. Within the classrooms, different interest areas are created to support each area of learning and development. Children are encouraged to make choices about what they would like to play with and the learning environment supports this.

The Gym

The gym allows children to develop and explore their physical skills all year round. The play space provides children with a variety of exciting, challenging and stimulating experiences. There is space for children to move freely and safely, as they explore both their fine and gross motor movements.

Our Clinic

The nursery has a fully equipped First Aid Room with all the necessary equipment and basic first aid medications. We have a qualified nurse who is available to administer any necessary first aid treatment as well as offer advice and health education when needed. All first aid cases receive immediate attention and in the event of an emergency an ambulance will be called.

Communication between Home and School is of vital importance in nurturing the health and welfare of our Children. Feel free to visit the clinic at any time to discuss any concerns you may have about your child.

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