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Reem Island 04 425 6670 Fortune Executive Tower, Cluster T JLT

Mosaic Promise

Mosaic Nursery will ensure that every child entrusted to it is nurtured to develop and grow as a willing and enabled learner. We will achieve this by working closely with families, providing the right environment, a rich curriculum and high quality teaching. Just like creating a beautiful Mosaic, we bring together all the essential pieces for children to succeed in reaching their unique and full potential.

Ethos and Vision

In partnership with parents, we aim to support children’s all round learning and development through a balance of child led and adult directed play experiences, within a safe and nurturing environment. We believe children need to feel happy, secure and cared for to progress in their learning and development. Therefore we value each child as an individual and aim to promote their confidence and independence, enabling them to become competent and capable learners.

Mosaic Team

Mosaic recognises the importance of all our staff working together. We see each individual child as having a team of professionals around them throughout the day to ensure they have the very best care and education. We value all our team members and support their continued professional growth and development.

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