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Mosaic best preschool in dubai

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Mosaic nursery in jlt dubai

Preschools in Dubai: On behalf of being one of the best nursery schools in Dubai, we at Mosaic Nursery welcome your children aboard a mission that not only pays heed to providing education through play, but also caters to building interaction and promoting creativity amongst the little ones.

Best British Preschool in Dubai

We at Mosaic Nursery are dedicated to nurture your children towards a childhood that reflects upon decision-making, confidence and craftsmanship. We believe that activities and play are essential building blocks of a child’s development and psychology, which is why we have strived to formulate a curriculum that creates a balance between the two.

What We Offer

Why Children & Their Parents Choose Us

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Our Promise

Best Nurseries in DubaiWe at Mosaic Nursery believe that each child possesses a learning affinity that is unlike any other’s. This is why our rich curriculum consists of a variety of exhaustive activities that has a unique experience in its entirety. We at Mosaic Nursery in Dubai take the time to partake in activities with our enrolled toddlers, which allows us to understand their learning progress and potential accordingly.

British Nursery DubaiWe at British Mosaic Nursery in Dubai admit that each child is unique and has a bar that is above the rest. This acknowledgement allows us to ensure parents of our creative curriculum and therefore, of the efforts our team takes in order to craft these young minds with positivity and creativity.

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Our Philosophy

At Mosaic Nursery, we are firmly dedicated to provide your children with an experience that allows them to delve into the basics of learning with utmost confidence. Mosaic Nursery in jlt, on account of being ranked as one of the most outstanding nursery schools in Dubai, has taken special measures and certain incentives that not only strive to provide a safe and affordable learning place for children, but also aspire to enunciate progressive thought and action.

Utmost Care and Safety:
British nurseries in Dubai: Mosaic Nursery is classified as one of the leading preschools in Dubai, most ardently due to the fact that alongside activities and play, we offer urgent first aid by registered nurses to ensure utmost safety of our little ones. Our safe environment allows children to engage in activities at a pace they’re most comfortable with. Read more…

Our Values

Our Philosophy & Mission

We strive to work together to build and maintain trusting and respectful relationships with both children and families.

Mosaic best british nursery in dubai

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What Parents Say

Thank you Mosaic Nursery! I like the atmosphere here, it’s always fun and the teachers are friendly and kind.. I am glad my little girl is here which is Best British Preschool in Dubai.

Anushka’s Mummy

My husband and I toured a lot of nurseries in Dubai and nothing felt like the ‘right fit’ until we toured Mosaic. Once we walked in we knew at once we were home. The teachers and the entire staff are so kind, warm, caring and passionate about what they do. You can see and feel this. My son who is 3 cannot wait to go to school to see his teacher and all of his friends.

I know the education he is receiving will create a great foundation for his entire future. I have recommended the best British nursery Dubai to many friends, we are happy with our decision to send our son to Mosaic.

James’s Mummy

My son loves being at Mosaic nursery in Dubai. Every morning he is racing me to the door and the car to take him there. No wonder he likes it with so many colourful resources toys, cheerful activities and joyful team.

Sikandar’s Daddy
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